Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 12 [Final]

Haruka invites everyone on an onsen trip.


I thought this episode was pretty good. It wasn’t anything special, as there are plenty of onsen episodes in anime, but this episode was just fun. I thought it was an interesting way to end off the series, by having this kind of fun episode after the big conflict they had. I figured that the whole idol thing would last until the end when I saw it at the end of the season, so when it ended last episode I was quite surprised. However it did seem like it nicely ended up and left room for this episode, which I very much enjoyed as just a fun episode.

Final Words:

I absolutely loved the first season of this show, and the second is no different. There’s just something about it that makes it fun to watch. I’ve said it several times throughout the episodes of this season but this show has this quality; it has these “blushingly cute” moments in it that will pretty much be the main thing I remember about it. Not to say there’s not more to the show, but these moments the show has are some of the best, and it does it better than I’ve seen in many other shows with the same situation I’m not referring to things where someone’s panties would be exposed in public and they would be all embarrassed and there would be this ecchi comedy to it, it’s something far more. There are just these moments between Yuuto and Haruka, both of them portrayed as really rather innocent and kindhearted. Moments between them when they get close, where one will say something to the other that just makes you go “Awwww…” They are sometimes cheesy, and predictable, but they are such great character you feel for, and have this great dynamic to this relationship between them. Times when they are together, saying how she’ll always want to be there for the other, it’s just hard to describe. Moments that are just very cute and adorable between these two characters.

This season really didn’t change anything too drastically, which is both a strong and weak point for it. On one hand, the first season was great. Adding in too many new characters or drastically having some character go though something that affected the show wouldn’t e good. However, while it didn’t change for the bad, it didn’t change a whole lot for the good either. I’m quite disappointed in the amount of relationship development overall the show had. While it still had these great moments that bade you blush when the two of them were together and said something to each other or something similar, nothing really happened. I mean, as I said in a earlier post it got to the point where whenever they were alone together and getting really close, almost about to kiss, I wouldn’t think “will they actually kiss this time” I thought “how will they be interrupted” it became almost ridiculous. With this season they had the perfect opportunity to have something happen between them. They didn’t’ have to spent time getting the two to be introduced to each other; they had a whole first season for that. They didn’t’ really have to worry about moving too fast, as they already had established a friendship by the time this season started, a friendship where the two of them spent a lot of time together and helped each other out, knew their secrets, etc. It would have been the perfect platform for something to actually happen, yet it didn’t, and I was disappointed in that.

Overall though, despite not a lot of relationship development, the show was great. It had some amazing character, they worked great together and seeing them was fun. While some episodes were rather fluffy in terms of any plot ore relation to character development, they were fun to watch. Overall, I really enjoyed this season.

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