Shin Koihime + Musou – Final Impressions

There is something about this show that is hard to explain. While on the one hand it doesn’t really have a lot of plot to it, there is some comedy that comes from some pretty stupid aspects, and a lot of it doesn’t really lead anywhere, it’s one of the shows I’ve come to really like. It’s odd that something without any real focus on romance or relationships, no real drama amongst the regular characters, and no real over-reaching objective to stop a certain bad guy or anything like that, it still manages to be something I do enjoy watching. The characters are a lot of fun, small things like getting upset at each other over small things or getting embarrassed when one makes a joke was just fun. While they actually did seem to have more plot this season than in the last, dealing with helping get back a sword, and later the sisters, I think the show really shined when they were just doing normal things. It was while they were accomplishing these bigger plots that these smaller things really shone.

Now, that’s not to say the times this show did have bigger focus, like dealing with the three sisters, wasn’t good. In fact I was quite surprised that this show which I pretty much discounted as having any real plot to it did in fact have a plot to it. Now, it’s not like this plot was inherit to the characters or anything like that, it was just another event that happened, just a bigger one that they spent more focus on. I really did find it interesting how they focused on this story throughout the whole series. In doing that they actually developed this event before it happened. Just having the big event reveal itself at the end is alright, but you don’t care about the event as much as when they do it this way, which is why I did find it really interesting to watch.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season of the show. It kept the great same character quirks and squabbles that really made the first one fun, while not being as random as the first season was. That was one of the biggest problems with the first is that the character that showed up and the events that happened seemed so random, it wasn’t quite as interesting as when they had a better flow to it. It kept the good stuff about the first season and improved it, which was surprising. I really liked this second season, more so than the first even. It may not be one of the all time great anime, but it was a lot of fun to watch and I’m looking forward to season three.

One thought on “Shin Koihime + Musou – Final Impressions”

  1. yeah!I think like you ^^
    This series has something strange that makes it unique!
    Personally I really like the sympathy of the characters and of course their beauty and personality.
    In the first season they presented all the characters, so the events were a bit random.
    I can’t wait for the english ver. of the game!

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