Sasameki Koto – Final Impressions

I wasn’t too sure about this show. I usually find yuri shows to at least be fun to watch, even if they don’t have a lot of… quality to them. It seemed like this serious would be a mix of some serious elements and some comedic ones, which seemed at least interesting. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show when it started out. I thought it was rather boring and kind of bland. All this one character did was whine about not being cute like her crush preferred. However as things went along, it almost seemed to change directions. The show stopped being about the how Kazama was interested in all these other girls and Sumi just failed again to get her attention. Although that aspect of the show was still there, it seemed like it wasn’t quite the focus of it. It started to be more slice of life. It dealt with them hanging out, being friends with the new girls, and in general they just seemed to be having more fun, which was the better part of the show.

I do have to say, although they didn’t seem to place a huge importance on it after it happened, I lived Aoi’s arc. At first, I didn’t quite like her. Even during the episodes it seemed like she was kind of selfish and whiny, but they just portrayed it in a way that made it quite interesting. She really had no friends and being abandoned after placing so much hope into finding someone with similar interests only to get blown off was pretty bad. Although I didn’t really like her too much, and she wasn’t of vital importance to the show, I actually did care about what had happened to her, and I thought that showed the show did a great job of portraying her.

Overall the show was pretty good. It wasn’t anything too special. They really seemed to go back and forth between trying to focus on the relationship between Kazama and Sumi seriously or comedically and overall I think that hurt it. It wasn’t never quite super hilarious, because there was some seriousness there, and the seriousness was never as interesting because it was being broken up by the comedy. While that was part of what was interesting, that they had both sides to it, overall it did interfere with some things this show could have done better. However, in the end it was an alright show, fun to watch, but nothing spectacular.

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