Kampfer – Final Impressions

This series was….really….odd. Now, I knew it would be a weird series starting it, a guy turns into a girl and uses weird powers to fight other girls, it seemed like something that would have this great amazing plot to it, but it was still not quite what I expected. This show seemed to go off in so many different directions, and changed those directions really fast and awkwardly. At first it seemed to be about dealing with being a girl, then it was about the fight against the other Kampfers, then it was about dealing with being popular in school, then it was about being in a harem, then it was about fighting against a new enemy, then it was…blah blah. It was all over the palace. Now, while most of these elements were present throughout the whole series, Natsuru was still dealing with the fact he was sometimes a girl, it wasn’t the focus. The focus of the show shifted and it was weird.

Really, for a good half of the whole series in the middle it was purely about this harem dynamic. Hell, the fact that these characters had super powers, and one of the was a different gender half of the time didn’t seem to come into play at all. Despite the fact they had powers, despite the fact they were supposed to kill each other, and despite the fact that the guy in the middle of this was a girl half the time, it still seemed to be a simple normal harem show. These girls fighting over him, one being aggressive, the other getting jealous and stepping up. It’s as if they had forgotten they actually had these other elements to the show. Even if they had remembered, and implemented these aspects into the show more, it still would have been this slapstick ecchi comedy, but it would have been far more unique and interesting. Not entirely unique, but still, different, which would have been better.

Overall, this show was alright. It was one of the more interesting shows in the department of harem/slapstick/comedy/romance department, but it wasn’t anything special at all beyond that genre. Even when they tried to get serious and implement interesting plot like Sakura being evil, they turned it into this weir bizarre thing with animals growing the size of buildings and singing a song while the characters powered up by getting more slutty….yeah….that was….yeah…..So while the show was actually very fun to watch, not in a way that made the show have a lot of quality to it. A show that was fun to watch, and an interesting one in its genre, but not one that manages to surpass its genre’s limitations as far as quality would be concerned.

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  1. Yeah I’ll say this was a pretty weird show. It really did just boil down to a harem with all the other things as side points. It was kind of refreshing at one point to have the harem members meet up and argue about their relative positions in the battle for Natsuru. Some interesting characters.

    They didn’t really finish that strongly though. The final battle got stupid with the song and the last episode was just odd in general. Still not a bad show if you are just watching to have some fun.

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