Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 40

Hoenheim’s past is revealed and the questions about Xerxes are answered.


Well once again this series leaves me blown away. I think this was one of the biggest episodes we’ve had in a while since it just completely answers Hoenheim’s back-story and what happened with Xerxes. It really goes to show you the horrors that one can unleash both for the search for immortality and also when you don’t care about people. The King was so obsessed with his own life that he sacrificed his people. Not just the slaughters that fit the set-up for what is happening in the present, but also being willing to kill those that remained for the sake of immortality. I feel terrible for the people who believed so much in their King only to have it turned back on them in a cruel way.

But perhaps the greatest victim in all of it was Hoenheim. I can’t imagine how he would have felt during that time. He awakens to find a nation of the dead and then sensing all the souls trapped inside of his body. Hoenheim thought his King would become immortal and instead he personally becomes a human philosopher’s stone. It’s no wonder he has survived that long with all the souls trapped inside of him. Anyone would be pretty messed up after all of that. He trusted Homunculus and got a reward that is horrifying to imagine. Maybe the creature didn’t think it was a bad thing, but this whole event had to be a huge mental blow. It explains who the ‘Father’ is and how he is simply repeating the previous procedure. Clearly the body has started to decay after all that time and needs a new nation to be sacrificed in order to restore itself.

That was a pretty shocking part with Izumi though. I can’t blame her husband since anyone would think she was being murdered right there. It makes sense to send him away for a moment since it’s hard to explain how you will punch a hole into someone and fix them that way. While it was impossible to restore her organs I guess Hoenheim managed to adjust things so her body would be in a better condition. Though I can’t begin to imagine what it looks like inside there now.

At least we now know what happened in the past. It is that which is being attempted once again in the present. If it succeeds then a horrible result will occur that will cost many lives.

There were some other nice moments in the episode though. I liked the coded conversation between Mustang and Riza. Obviously they can’t talk openly in a cafeteria and certainly not with Pride possibly listening in. That’s a key piece of information that Mustang now has in his possession.

It might be seen as a danger with Armstrong not at Briggs, but it’s clear she still runs that fort. They will act according to how she would want and no one they send there will be really in control. This might be a good thing since she and Mustang can work on their plans. They may not like each other and be rivals, but the key is stopping the destruction of their nation. Things keep getting interesting in the show and I can’t wait for next week.

2 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 40”

  1. I don’t think the king knew that the entire kingdom would be sacrificed, because Father had no need tell him that piece of info. The king is still an ass though by allowing the workers to be slaughtered.

    Yeah, Olivier’s soldiers still run the fort. The Central guys just don’t realize it yet lol.

  2. @TJ
    True he might not have known the whole kingdom would go. It seemed he knew there was risk with the statement that he was told he would be safe in the center. I just took that to mean the king knew there was danger to those outside of the center. I’m not sure how much he was told since he was already willing to sacrifice so many of his people for the set-up.

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