To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 15

Mikoto gets involved with Skill-Out who have increased their attacks on espers in the city.


Anti-Skill really needs to make a call to Skill-Out and borrow their stuff. I mean that Capacity Down is the perfect thing for them. Forget guns and riot shields. Use something like that and you will have no problem subduing espers of even the highest levels. Even Mikoto had troubles using her ability there. It might not eliminate them, but without control they are far less dangerous. Isn’t it kind of sad that a bunch of delinquents are better equipped to deal with espers than the official police force of the city?

Anyways this arc gets started and we dive a bit more into the uglier side of Academy City. It might look pretty, but it still has the same grime and poor sections like any other town. No surprise that those without abilities would just be ignored in that one part of the city so they could focus on the espers that really are the whole point of the city. Put some effort into level 0’s but in the end the higher levels will get more attention since they can give some results.

It’s nice that they will develop Konori a bit more with this one. Giving the secondary characters a bit of focus never hurts. While it’d be nice to have more Touma moments we just have to work with what is there. Besides by now the first arc of Index should have passed and those who saw Index know what that means.

No surprise but Kuroko seems to be the one who keeps getting beaten up. Mikoto is the star so I suppose someone else has to take the punches for her. I will give this Kurozuma guy credit though. Unlike a certain Index protagonist he can stand up to a gang of thugs picking on a girl and actually beat them up. Goes to show the power of milk I guess.

This episode was nice for moving into a new arc and showing the realities of that city. There are people unhappy and willing to take violent action to vent their rage. We also got to see the normal level that Anti-Skill usually has to deal with. It’s a lot easier to handle pretty weak espers who can just levitate rocks and knock people back.

Should be good to see where this situation goes. Can’t see it lasting for too long since there doesn’t seem to be much more of a purpose than to flesh out Konori and explain the background of Kurozuma.

In terms of the new OP and Ed I liked them. The OP could use a bit more punch in terms of the song, but it was still nice to listen to. Think the new ED should be fitting if the series keeps a serious tone to the end.

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  1. Mmmm I guess you forgot to edit your one sentence synopsis?

    Anyways, good point about Capacity Down. It would make Anti-Skill a lot more effective since then they’d be able to take down almost all espers. It’s funny that some not-very-organized street gang has access to that technology and Anti-Skill does not.

    People like to hit Kuroko because she’s annoying lol.

  2. Well, it’s not that uncommon for criminals to be better equipped than the police. There’s been many cases of robbers armed with heavy automatic weapons able to outgun police officers equipped with little more than handguns or shotguns.

  3. There’s also the case that Antiskill are managed by those shady higher ups. I wonder if the authorities deliberately approved the less effective weapons to be used on rogue espers (Since the device used in this episode could be quite dangerous to the well-being of ability users). Wouldn’t want to damage their subjects too much should they be used for research later I guess. Well, just an erroneous assumption. ;)

  4. @TJ
    Yeah I missed that, heh. But yeah I suppose some might find hitting Kuroko has therapeutic qualities. At the very least people seem to enjoy doing it. She’s gotten owned more than any other main character in the series so far.

    I agree you have a point there. Though in this case it seems like a non-lethal solution which is what a force like Anti-Skill would want more than anything. Hard to hold back with automatic weapons. Their whole purpose is coming in to control espers and yet they lack a tool that seems very useful in doing that. Possible they just don’t have access to the underground routes where devices like that come from, but just seems like Anti-Skill keeps getting the short end of the stick.

    Here might be a good reason why Anti-Skill is held back. Espers are the prize of the city so they don’t want their abilities to be damaged. Though wonder again about the firepower that Anti-Skill is packing and how safe that is….Still maybe the city wants a certain level of chaos. Developments can occur during conflict, so maybe they think some espers getting a little out of control will help with growth?

  5. You have a good point. I forgot about that aspect of Academy City where the authorities have a tendency to turn a blind eye to anything which could help their research. Letting espers freely engage in battles regardless of the enemies can be seen as a way for them to improve their abilities and in the case of espers versus espers, increasing their level like what Accelerator is doing with the MISAKA Sisters (who are deemed as being in between Level 2 – 3’s).

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