Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 39

The plan to trick Kimblee is executed while Miles gets an update about the situation at Briggs.


Now this was a pretty interesting one. As I thought Winry was playing along to get away from Kimblee using Scar as an excuse. Some pretty convincing work by Ed there. Though I’d agree with him that his anger wasn’t an act. He was really pissed that things had to be done that way and Winry had to be put anywhere near Scar.

I have to give Winry credit for enduring her feelings. That monk was right that enduring is different from forgiving. Obviously she can never forgive what Scar did since it was just a horrible thing. He’s taken too many lives to just be forgiven like that. Still that doesn’t mean she can afford to just give into hate and act foolishly. Ed wouldn’t mind beating the crap out of Scar, but that isn’t the time for it. Right now they need Scar alive and that’s just how things must be. His knowledge is necessary and later he can pay for his crimes.

Things are getting dangerous though. Briggs is no longer safe thanks to Armstrong being taken away to Central. Of course without her there they might have an easier time setting up their bloody massacre. Also things are getting dangerous for Al since it seems he’s quickly running out of time. Seeing his real body like that wasn’t a good sign at all. Though he was right that there wasn’t time to be worrying about that. Just a realization that he needs to hurry things along.

This episode had some interesting developments. Scar is starting to get just how off the path he is. He gave into the pain and rage and turned his back on the beliefs of those closest to him. Still don’t think he’ll survive until the end, but at least he has a chance for a bit of redemption before the end.

The ending was pretty big as well in this one. The pieces are being selected by the Father and we are getting hints as to his expectations. What surprises me is that he is counting Hohenheim as a sacrifice. You would think his brother wouldn’t even be mentioned in this situation. Again I hope we see some more of Hohenheim and find out just what he has been up to all these years.

Every episode just continues developing the plot and making things more exciting. You can’t help but be excited about what will happen next. Also the new OP and ED were pretty nice additions. The highlights had to be the fights that broke out in the OP. The series should be great as some epic fights have to be on the horizon. You can’t just take an OP for granted, but the tone at least hints at big things coming.

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