To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 14

Saten goes to special lessons with other former Level Upper users.


I think episode 13 could have been switched with this one for a better effect. This really felt like an epilogue for the whole Level Upper situation. It does show that Saten really wasn’t perfectly fine after all that went down. A lot of guilt remained there and the feeling that they deserved as much punishment as possible for what happened. I still think what happened is understandable, but makes sense why some would feel incredibly guilty over it. At least this helped to deal with some problems and set Saten up to continue to grow. She can stop worrying so much about what happened and just use the experience. The consequences were bad, but the positive was she did have an ability for a time and can use that to know what to aim for. It’s a whole lot easier than searching for something vague like some random ability.

It was interesting to see some faces we hadn’t seen in a while. Obviously that wasn’t everyone who used Level Upper since you’d need numerous rooms for that. The plan was probably to bring in a few every week. It might also have been to see if there were any lasting effects from Level Upper and partly realizing that they should be doing more for those students. Not believing the system was helping was part of the reason they turned to Level Upper in the first place. Though also a reason why there were so few there was that the more serious criminals were probably still in jail.

An episode like this one just helps to shine a light on people who normally wouldn’t get much attention. Since it seems the series is moving into its second serious arc this is probably the last we’ll see of some of them.

Really this episode was just for reflection. I liked the extra focus on Saten and the tone of the episode.

One thought on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 14”

  1. It’s not bad for a “filler” episode lol.

    The score card for the abilities testing is pretty interesting. I’m guessing that the grades on the bottom have nothing to do with the actual level of the student.

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