To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 13

Mikoto gets dragged into swimsuit modelling with her friends.


This episode certainly decided to bring down the tension after what went down with the Level Upper situation. Nothing says light-hearted like an episode about being swimsuit models. Really it wasn’t a bad episode just really light and not big on plot. I think the fooling around Mikoto did at the end in that incredibly goofy swimsuit made the whole thing worth it. Of course she would be embarrassed to the end of time if she found out what happened. I give Saten and Uiharu some credit for trying to get her to wear it. She has her pretty childish and unique tastes but tries to hide them from everyone. Nice that she got to just fool around a little bit there.

They did go out to give some more depth to side characters which isn’t a bad thing. Some would probably prefer development for the main characters and getting into another interesting situation. The last arc showed just how dark Academy City could be and what they would do to children when getting the chance.

There were some downsides like seeing Kuroko in that swimsuit. But I suppose you can say it was interesting to see the styles that the various characters decided to go with. Mikoto hiding her desire for the cute stuff for something simple and standard. Kuroko just going overboard to try and catch Mikoto’s attention. Even Uiharu and Saten picked types that fit.

Really there isn’t a whole lot to say about this one. It was just about fooling around in a holographic room and cooking. Nice to see the great powers of a level 5 have multiple applications. Maybe after what happened to them all last time it’s better to have at least one nice and light episode.

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