Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 38

The search for Scar continues while the brothers meet up with some familiar people.


I have to agree Mustang has nice timing with that call at the start. It was a time when she needed comfort desperately. Of course she just doesn’t know when she’s being observed now. I can’t imagine the stress that she has to carry now. The price for finding out Pride’s identity was a heavy one.

Anyways things are continuing to move forward at a quick pace. You knew that Winry would have to confront Scar again eventually. It’s a pretty intense moment considering what happened last time. I really couldn’t blame Winry if she wanted revenge. But she can’t walk down that road or she won’t be any different from Scar. I think the guy is running away in some respects since he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sure there are no good reasons for doing it, but he has to reflect on it. He killed two innocent people and can’t just gloss over it. Don’t buy her “getting captured” by Scar at the end of the episode. It is probably a plan to get Winry out of the hostage situation. If it appears she has been captured by Scar who is an enemy of the Elric brothers then there shouldn’t be much suspicion about it. It’s hardly a perfect plan, but you take what you can get. Anyways Scar needs to get back and help translate that book.

Leave it to May to bring down the seriousness of a situation. I mean wow she goes after Al and has those dramatic cute moments. She even goes and sees Winry as some kind of love rival. No worries there May, Winry is more than busy with Ed to think about Al right now. Poor Ed was struggling to get any information out of her.

It was good for the brothers to meet up with Marcoh again. So much has happened since they last met. It’s pretty sad to think how off the brother’s were in regards to getting their bodies back. They went looking for a stone, unlocked secrets, and revealed some sad information. Still they have to find out the secrets of the Western Alchemy if they are going to fight the Homunculus. They can’t afford to have their abilities cancel out on them in a dangerous situation.

No matter how serious things get it’s good to know the series can keep its humour going. I mean the brother’s pretend they don’t know the guys are with the military and kick their asses. Just because they know how to predict Scar’s movements doesn’t mean that the Elric brothers can be taken down the same way. It helped that they had the element of surprise on their side. The guys weren’t sure what to do until they were already getting beaten up.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. It’s going to be pretty intense with Winry meeting up with Scar again. They should get a chance to talk and she will probably get an offer to kill him off. Of course I don’t think she will, but we will have to see what happens. Right now they have to get ready and it seems they are running out of time to stop things at Briggs. It seems taking Winry with them was a good idea.

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