Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 37

Ed gets to talk with Winry and Hawkeye has a dangerous encounter.


Wow this series just never stops hitting us with revelations. Goes to show when I am starting so many episodes with this statement something good is happening. Finally we get to see just who Pride is. As expected that thing that attacked in the tunnel was a homunculus. But damn I can’t believe who they are showing as Pride. Bradley’s son!? Damn I did not see this coming. I really just expected the kid to be a regular adopted child. It was a severe shock to hear he was ‘related’ to Wrath and then to see him confront Hawkeye like that. What a creepy kid. Well I guess he isn’t a kid, but you all know what I mean. Thought he was a somewhat overly chipper kid, but never expected him to be someone older than Wrath. Hawkeye showed a ton of composure considering her situation. She had a point that killing her was meaningless since she was already a hostage. At the same time it couldn’t have completely calmed her and it’s impressive she held it together.

At last Winry has some information about what is going on. It was almost painful seeing her so cheerful while knowing she was in severe danger. It’s great that she will be wary of Kimblee. Trusting that guy is just terrifying. I know it had to be hard on her to find out all this and realize she was being used against those two. At the same time hopefully she realizes just how precious she is to them. It’s because she is precious that she makes a powerful hostage. Great job by Winry to sneak in with Ed and Al. Really it helps to protect her if she is nearby rather than left at the base where Kimblee might have some men left. She’s not someone that will stand by and be used against her friends.

On a lighter note it was great how Ed had that flashback. It was really hilarious how he freaked out when thinking about it. Definitely an usual way to calm the nerves by reciting the periodic table. It’s funny that both think about their feelings for the other at the same moment. I know it might not be a great time, but hopefully sooner or later they both talk honestly about how they feel.

Again we get to see how Kimblee’s mind works. Honestly his head is the last place I’d like to be. He really doesn’t care about how many will die or how many he will kill. Struggle, death, and who makes it on top is all that interests him. He is dangerous because there is no way for them to reason with him. His thinking and Ed’s thinking are just completely different and there is no point in them talking about their views.

Anyways it seems things are getting set for major action. Briggs is being targeted for an attack soon and they are going for Scar. Obviously Ed wouldn’t mind settling things with Scar, but he isn’t going for revenge. The important thing is finding a way to get his and Al’s bodies back and keep Winry safe in the process.

Poor Mustang. The guy really isn’t liked. I’m sure it killed Olivier to have to cooperate with him. While they are rivals and dislike each other their cooperation is critical. If the North and Eastern armies combine they might just have a chance.

A great episode and things are continuing to build up.

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