Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Final Impressions

That ends Umineko for now. This last round was pretty interesting for the depth it added to Ange and Battler.


The end for this was pretty strange in some respects. They gave all that background and even character development only to have her die. Really she didn’t seem like the type that was going to just fall out of things like that. Of coruse the pattern has continued with Eva-Beatrice going away and followed by Ange. Still it is sad to see someone who fought so hard for her family to go down like that. She did manage to accomplish something with snapping Battler out of his shock. Although the price that was paid for getting Battler’s fighting spirit restored was exceedingly high. Perhaps it was easier this way for her since she wasn’t going to get to stay with Battler. Even if Battler can get out of this the only one he can go home to is the Ange from his world. At least she managed to help him and gave him a strong reason to fight. Her death will be the reason to keep going since she died a painful death for him. Besides it reminds him that his sister is waiting and he can’t afford to lose.

Another major part of this was Battler getting a weapon to fight back with. His blue truth will be key to winning this. Before he could only throw out theories and Beatrice could just deny them. At least now he can attack. With those she has to respond and he might just find the way out of this. True it appears his latest barrage was useless, but it doesn’t mean he won’t find a way to win eventually. Still he will have to figure out better things than mini-bombs in the stomach. I suppose since he has the blue truth he might as well just throw every possible explanation out there. True it might leave him in a pinch if he sees all avenues refuted, but it’s the best he can do. Besides there is no chance he will give up.

It’s somewhat of a tragic position with Beatrice. I still don’t trust her after what happened before. Still it is clear she has no way to win. She’s gotten into a fight where victory is impossible. She wants to be recognized as a witch and yet she won’t. With what happened to Ange there is no way Battler is going to step down. He has to win and there is no other option for him. Can understand Beatrice just wanting it over. Still she isn’t allowed to just walk away from this. She started it and has a responsibility to see it to the end.

A crazy part of this was with Battler again. It’s at least confirmed he isn’t Asumu’s son. It’s a pretty shocking thing for Battler since his self-identity is attacked painfully there. Of course Ange is right that it doesn’t change that he saw the woman as his mother. Plus she does make it clear he is Kinzo’s grandson. No matter who his biological mother is it doesn’t change his relationship to the family. It could be that he actually is Kyrie’s son. The story from the previous round does open things up to speculation. We may not find out for a while, but I’m sure the answer will come out. I’m also wondering about Battler’s sin that was brought up. I can’t imagine a little kid could have done anything that could be called a sin. It’s obviously something that matters quite a deal to Beatrice considering how upset she got about it.

Anyways this arc was as magical as always in terms of the killing. We got more bunny girls and some magical fights. I mean even George was getting into it. It was kind of cool to see George take a stand, less for him and Jessica to own each other. Although if you are still trying to find the non magical reasons for the killings then you would ignore that possibility. Still I’m having a tough time figuring out what is going on. We did pick up that Kumasawa might have been working on the epitaph. Plus there is the weird thing about money being given to select families after the killings. It makes you wonder if someone was working with those people and were paying their families for their help. Obviously everyone died so it’s not like they were getting paid directly. Still might help explain something if they felt they would die anyways and at least they could help their families. It does add a very interesting aspect to this situation.

Also this round showed how messed up the family situation can be. Rosa obviously had a lot of stress and threw it at Maria. Ange got attacked by Eva after all that happened to her. That family definitely has a habit of taking everything out on those around them. The tragic thing is the messed up childhoods for Ange and Maria. The adults around them couldn’t keep it together and ruined things for those who were still young. I can understand that Rosa had stress, but hurting her daughter so badly was low.

Final Thoughts:

It’s somewhat tough to judge the whole series since the story isn’t finished. We got pretty well into it and can at least judge it to this point. From the start I wasn’t sure exactly what we were going to get from this show. Sure you expected some horror and deaths, but the magical level was pretty high. Eventually we got to the point where girls were turning into flying stakes and bunny girls were firing homing magical arrows. It just got more incredible as time went by. Things got to the point where it was difficult to figure out what the possible normal explanations were. If one was siding with Battler it was getting difficult to figure out just what was really going on. Sure you could start believing magic was completely responsible, but the big picture can’t be that simple.

There was a huge cast for this show that made it tough to figure everyone out. There was more depth than I expected for some. In the end though the large cast made it tough for everyone to get their fair share of character development. Plus the fact characters were dying so often didn’t make it easy to get close to them. Still the story is far from over so there is time for them to get even more depth.

Obviously something that stood out with this show was fan reception. Safe to say it got pretty ugly in places. Now I didn’t see the VN so I’ve watched this fairly fresh. Overall I felt the show was fairly good. Sure they could have paced things a whole lot better especially in the last episode. Still I don’t think it was nearly as bad as some were making out.

At least this series really got me thinking about the theories going around and what might really be going on. In a show like this the answers aren’t really obvious so you have to pay attention to what is being said and what is being shown to you. Hopefully they continue this on later so we can finally figure out what the truth is.

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