11eyes – Final Impressions

This show has certainly surprised me. When I first started watching I really didn’t have very high expectations of the show and honestly didn’t care too much about it. It wasn’t my all time favorite genre and it didn’t seem enthralling form the premise or even the first several episodes, but I stuck with it mainly because all the other show I watched were of relatively the same genre and I wanted to mix things up a bit.

I’m glad that I did, because what started out as a relatively moderate and average show, with random people fighting random monsters with some basic and uninspired abilities, turned into something hat had a lot more depth to it. It wasn’t something that just remained a boring, lets defeat all these ominous bad guys in this strange world we were thrown into, they threw in things like how the bad guys which they had killed over half of were actually trying to stop the end of the world. Something like that just changes the entire dynamic of the show. These aren’t innocent people fighting against mindless monsters; they are people who are keys to the destruction of the world fighting against the good guys trying to stop it. The fact that there were effectively three sides to this, and not two made things just oh so much better. There was the super evil witch, who both the Dark Knights and the school kids wanted dead, but the Dark Knights wanted to kill the school kids so they couldn’t be used as keys to the destruction of the world, while the school kids just wanted to not die and not have the world destroyed. This back and forth of different alliances and motivators made a relatively average, if that, first half of the series much more interesting.

I did get very surprised at the last couple of episodes, but when things started going THAT bad I figured they would have to reset the world somehow, thought I didn’t expect that they would first say that pretty much most of the second to last episode was all a precognition. That was a bit weird, though even after that the meganeko and rebel guy were still dead, while it was possible they could have kept them dead, I still guessed they would reset it again which they did, and I’m fine with it. It was exciting and dark enough during the final episodes that bringing them back didn’t really hurt the show too much. Plus, I really loved the meganeko’s character. Overall, though the series started off weak, it finished very strong and overall I thought was a very enjoyable watch

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  1. Well after finishing this I have mixed feelings. One thing was the whole Yuka situation. Seems they get out of there and move on with their lives at the end. Shouldn’t the first thing done be to send Yuka to a mental institution? The girl is insane. Sure she’s good now that Kakeru is back to focusing his attention on her. But if something happens down the road she could easily slip back into that mode. This is a girl who put a razor into a teacup. The word unstable doesn’t begin to describe her. She’s dangerous and just leaving her be is not a smart idea.

    Not sure I can say the last episode reset things. I mean the characters that died in this series are still dead. Just that the trio were sent to a different world. In that world they were still alive, but it doesn’t change their other selves being dead. Plus Kukuri who I liked was still dead due to the fact she killed herself in each possible world. Shiori’s death is mixed since she might have atoned for her actions. If she hadn’t told Kukuri what was going on then lives would have been saved. But she didn’t know what would happen so can’t really blame her.

    It was nice that things weren’t so black and white. There were multiple sides to it and people had motivations for what they did. Though I think the Black Knights were idiots since they could have talked about the situation and tried to figure out a good solution. Instead they got themselves killed and weakened their force when it was needed.

    Overall it was kind of disappointing. In part to finding out how badly they adapted the source material and in some respects just went off on their own. There were positives in the story having some interesting concepts. Plus there was a great OP and ED for this series.

    In the end it’s a show I’m glad I watched though wouldn’t say it was anything special.

  2. I was really truly disappointed with this ending. After the initial epic WTF plot from ep 11 with the whole world ending and everybody dying, the producers resorted to THIS?!

    Somebody ring the Deus ex machina police for over using it like, a billion times in the what-has-to-be-called rushed and ultimately awful ending. There were so many convenient uses of parallel world that I can barely begin to count them, and of course Shiori just happened to have an ability to travel through space-time which was used to seal away Liselotte. Though this was never brought up in any of the previous episodes we as the audience just have to learn to accept it.

    Bringing back Yukiko and Takahisa just destroyed it for me, (as much as I love them as characters and as a pairing) it took away all the significance and emotions that we’d felt at their deaths and bringing them back with the excuse of a parallel world just so%2

  3. I loved the series! I thought the ending was really funny, the episode 13 OVA. I am hoping for a season 2 because, it is good enough to make a second or third season. The plot is very smartly thought out, even if a few moments were WTF?! moments.

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