Asura Cryin’ 2 – Final Impressions

Well that’s the end for Asura Cryin. The last part of the series really just helped wrap up the conflict and put a conclusion to this story.


I thought this final arc was solid. They managed to show the character development for Tomo and helped tie up loose ends with many of the characters. I’m a little disappointed with Shuri’s survival if only because it seems weak. Anyone that took that level of damage should be dead. I’m waiting for Tomo1 to appear in the credits after showing just about anyone can survive. Not that I didn’t like Shuri I just figure if you’re going to go that far then leave her dead. If not then don’t have her get that hurt in the first place.

While some might feel differently I’m not that happy with Tokiya and Toru. I mean they pretty much get away with murder and attempting to annihilate billions of lives. How the heck do people like that deserve a happy ending? Probably just affected by looking at all that happened in season two. Tomo1, Kanade1, and Misao1 all die while those two live on. Things may never work out perfectly in the world, but that just doesn’t feel right to me. Sure they had their reasons for doing what they did, but the fact is they still took that path. Tokiya put his own happiness over the lives of a huge amount of people. He went and murdered Tomo1 and yet he is free and with Toru. I suppose you could say that he isn’t really happy, but that doesn’t seem good enough from my point of view.

Overall it worked out pretty nicely. Burial dolls were free and Misao was ok. For an epic final battle there really weren’t any casualties. I suppose they didn’t want to taint Tomo2 by having him do something like killing Tokiya. It seems even the demon abilities will be lost so there isn’t a risk of Tomo losing any of his feelings for Kanade.

That kind of brings me to the downside of the ending. It seems like Tomo regressed so they could leave the story open. They didn’t want to hit the Misao fans anymore. I mean Misao1 died and couldn’t be with Tomo1. So I guess they didn’t want to push it any further by making it so Misao2 didn’t have a chance. Perhaps the greatest tragedy was for Nia. I mean she spent years getting that older body and now has to suffer the cruel fate of waiting to get it back.

But have to consider the positives. Misao is alright which was a major concern throughout the series. Slowly she was being worn down by the battles so it was hard to say what was going to happen. Besides they had that pretty ominous ending for the second season which made you wonder how it would turn out.

Final Words:

Overall I enjoyed Asura Cryin. It actually turned out to be a pretty good show in the end. The first season left a lot of questions, but if you combine the two seasons it’s a solid story. You have magic, battles, and saving the world. All the pieces of a pretty good series. There were some downsides like who ended up happy. Things seem to work out perfectly for Tomo2, Misao2, and Kande2 while others have to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward.

Still I’m glad that I picked this series up and followed it right until the end. While things could have been better there were some great characters and they really drew me in when things got pretty tragic. Not being personally satisfied with some things doesn’t take away from how good the show was. From the music to some battles with the Asura Machina the show did a nice job keeping it interesting to the end.

It is definitely a series that was worth watching. There might have been more support behind it if there wasn’t for that major break between the seasons. This second season helped wrap things up that people were constantly wondering about. The secrets of where the Asura Machina came from was all cleared up nicely.

Glad that I originally decided to cover this series and stuck with it right to the end.

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  1. Ya I agree with every thing you said.Shuri is an amazing character but she should have died.but im glad she didn’t die. What I didn’t get is why couldn’t Tokiya just go to the first world? Or why didn’t Tomo2 not bring every one back to life will he was using the igniter. But hey they leave an open ending with the igniter flying into space so any thing can happen right?

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