Inuyasha – Final Act – 11

The group fights off Kanna and her mirror demon.


I thought this episode was pretty good. Although before this I didn’t really care much about Kanna and kind of forgot her for the most part, I still found it a bit sad to see her die like that and really liked the episode dealing with how she was being used and that she wasn’t just some bad guy, there was another side to it all. The battle itself was interesting. It wasn’t a one way fight for the good guys, which is always nice to see, otherwise its boring.

It seems all there is now is the weird bee guy and Naraku. I’m not sure how many episodes there are going to be for this series, but if it’s just 12 or 13 they really don’t have a lot of time left. That means in at most two episodes they need to fit in defeating the bee guy, upgrading Tessaiga to its final form, defeating Naraku while throwing in Sesshomaru into the mix because for I’m not to be a part of a final battle would make no sense, then deal with the issue of Kohaku’s life, and then wrap up hundreds of episodes with an epilogue, which needs to address future plans for things like any romance between Sango and Miroku and of course Inuyasha’s fate, human or still half-demon and Kagome and his relationship. That sure is a hell of a lot to fit in two episodes, so while I want this final push to be rather action packed and not drawn out, I actually don’t see it winding up in just two more episodes so I’m hoping for more

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  1. Yeah if they had to wrap up the whole series in two episodes it would suck terribly. There is still plenty of story to cover with the remaining episode so 26 was the minimum this series was going to need.

    I feel for Kanna. It really does seem like she was forgotten. Honestly think she was remembered at the last minute and so was thrown into the series and removed in a proper manner. I mean really she has bee missing for quite a while now. It seems the only way you get away from Naraku is death. Kikyou, Kanna, Kagura, that guy has been on quite the streak lately getting rid of female characters.

    It was an interesting fight since it had a different mood. This was one where they didn’t want to hurt Kanna and didn’t want to die either. In the end despite their attempts she died and they couldn’t do anything about it. She becomes another reason why they have to defeat Naraku. Too many have died because of that guy.

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