Inuyasha – Final Act – 10

The group fights off a flower demon that preys on Inuyasha’s grief over Kikyou.


This episode was alright, however seemed mostly uneventful. Especially after the last couple of episodes that seemed to be a bit more intense, this one didn’t seem to do much. However what disappointed me the most wasn’t that the episode wasn’t jam packed full of action and plot, but simply that they seemed to waste a perfect opportunity to develop the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome. Especially after this whole Kikyou thing, it seems that Inuyasha loved Kikyou more than Kagome, and as I said before unless they have some bit of development showing that Inuyasha loves Kagome and doesn’t just end up with her because there are now no more options, it will really defeat a lot of the whole purpose of having this relationship. It almost seemed like this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. However with the demon saying things like how “the woman he loved the most” and referring to Kikyou it almost seems to be doing the opposite, and pulling Inuyasha and Kagome further apart. It would have been perfect for some quick line saying how the demon sees that Kikyou wasn’t the one he loved the most and leave it at that to reassure Kagome that she means something to him or just something, but they seemed to waste that opportunity which for the most part seemed to make the whole flower demon thing completely useless.

The bit with the mirror demon at the end was probably the most interesting, mainly because as the show is now, it seems as if Inuyasha has no power at all. I was actually quite surprised with how fast Kanna effectively rendered Inuyasha completely useless. I’m sure they will find some way of defeating it, but if Naraku had attacked them then, when Kanna took his power, they could easily be absolutely and completely screwed. It just seemed odd how sudden it all happened. However, other than this event the episode in general didn’t have too much else to offer.

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