To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 12

Mikoto has to deal with another opponent while Uiharu gets the recovery program to antiskill.


A pretty good episode overall. Mikoto really got to cut loose in this one for once. That creature got to experience the terror of being Touma for a bit. You should just start praying for mercy when it comes to dealing with a Mikoto who isn’t holding back. Definitely sent the message to Kiyama about what Mikoto is really capable of. She did a pretty good job considering she was dealing with flying ice attacks, energy attacks, and tentacle attacks. Yes naturally we got some tentacle action….

It all wrapped up pretty well with the victims waking up with seemingly no ill effects. Doubt we’ll find out if anyone was killed or seriously hurt due to collapsing in various places. At least the ones in the hospitals are alright and can get back to their lives. Though they might be a bit sore after all the thrashing they ended up doing after the AIM burst occurred.

It’s also good that Saten has recovered and seems alright. Of course she’s got the personal issues to deal with regarding all that happened. The temptation to achieve a dream, keeping secrets, getting into a dangerous situation, and waking up again. All of that will be something she will need to deal with and accept. I really don’t think with the information she had and her personal situation that she made the wrong call. Anyways the positive is that she is alright. Besides after having an ability even for a short time maybe it will help encourage her to keep on trying and one day reach that goal.

The end to a pretty nice arc overall. Next episode doesn’t seem too serious, but enough time to get into another serious arc.

One thought on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 12”

  1. I felt that the action sequence was a bit too stretched out and broken up by all the scenes focusing on the Level Upper victims, but that’s just me. I liked the Mikoto pwnage though lol.

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