Asura Cryin’ 2 – First World Arc

I have pretty mixed feelings about everything that happened in the first world. It was a pretty good arc in terms of resolving things that had been in the background of the show from the very beginning. Yet leaves me feeling a bit sad, though I suppose that shows it did a good job of making me care about what was going on.


It really is a mixed bag with this arc. In a sense everything worked out and the first world was saved. At the same time the cost was pretty high. Tomo1, Kanade1, and Misao1 are all dead. Sure when you consider billions living in the world that might be a pretty small price to pay. But they all gave their best in order to save that world. Not to mention there are people like An who have to keep living even though the people they care about are gone. But I suppose that’s life. I can understand Misao1’s sacrifice. I mean really she lost the person she loved. What reason does she have left to stay alive anyways? At least she can help save the world in the process.

I have no idea how Tomo1 felt when he went back. It’s really not surprising he became an incredibly jaded person. He knew from the start there was nothing he could do and it was a suicide mission. But he had to go in order to have Nia come to the future to create the Asura Machina and not create some temporal nightmare. He knew when going back that he was never going to see Misao1 again and still went. Maybe we can cut him some slack in his death. If Nia told him then he knew that he had to die there. No wonder he was not that kind with Tomo2. If I was going to die pretty soon I wouldn’t be chipper either.

The world was saved and Tomo2 got a little stronger in the process. Got some power and made his choice. It must be odd for shippers. They get both pairings in a sense. But the end result is the TomoxMisao pairing dying and the TomoxKanade pairing living. Not exactly a happy ending at any stretch is it? On the positive Kurogane got an upgrade so it should be able to stand up to anything that comes it’s way.

Maybe a lighthearted side of this is the older Nia. Those years have been pretty good to her physically. Though she has her own burdens as to being unable to prevent the disaster and sending Tomo1 to his death even though she cared about him.

It just seems a little sad how that all worked out.

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