Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 11

Yuuto decides what to do when he is faced with Haruka’s future as an idol.


I thought this episode was pretty good and actually got quite intense it seemed. God, there are just these blushingly embarrassing moments that this show is full of. The one thing I’ll remember about this series are those embarrassing moments almost making me want to not watch it’s so touchy, yet very good to have in the series. When Yuuto ran up to the stage in front of everyone like that just yelling out that stuff, it was too much almost. Still, although it was embarrassing to watch it was a very good scene I thought, as being ale to do that, making the characters so that I care, showed that the series overall wasn’t doing too bad in that account. I thought the way they wrapped everything up was pretty good. I’m glad the damn manager got somewhat humiliated for the lying and tricking. It was also big, not even in their context, but just the fact that Yuuto kind of blurted out, while not saying it directly, that he loved Haruka and she said the same back. However, with this show, since it wasn’t said directly, I doubt much will come from it.

Overall I was quite wrong with what I thought the pacing for these last episodes would be. I figured this whole idol arc would be drawn out from this episode and go into the last, but it completely wrapped up here so I’m not quite sure what to expect as far as what the last episode would be about. I would say that since the two characters basically blurted out they love each other it might have to deal with their relationship, but then I remembered what show this was and figured that even with that, they’ll go back to blushing simply by standing too close to each other and then get interrupted before doing anything more. Still, in what context that will happen in for the last episode I don’t’ know.

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