Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 10

The talent agency starts training Haruka.


This is pretty much going exactly the way I figured it would. Right now it’s pretty obvious. Haruka will continue to train, while Yuuto has already been told to stay away from her simply because he is a distraction and they want to make her into an idol, separating her from normal life which Yuuto represents. Thinking he isn’t good enough to be with her, that he will take her away from her idol duties. I really do quite hate the manager bitch. The way she is manipulating everyone, I really hope she just gets humiliated or something in the final episode. Seeing as how there is still more than one episode left it won’t happen quite yet, but I can’t stand the way they are lying to get what they want, not caring about Yuuto or Haruka. I kind of hope Miran will do something, though right now she doesn’t seem to be filling much of a purpose. They haven’t even shown her care that much about Haruka as competition or anything.

As for the episode itself, it was alright. However except for the little revelation at the end of the episode, not a lot else really occurred. Overall they just seemed to show the progression of how much time Haruka and Yuuto were spending away from each other. That by itself is fine though, it’s not that that’s bad, it’s just nothing outstanding. I did think the bit with the voice actresses was rather funny, seeing as how the lacrosse anime has the same voices as the actual show, having Nobunaga make such a big deal out of them was pretty fun to see.

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