Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 09

Haruka asks Yuuto out on a date


I like this show and all but it gets me so damn frustrated sometimes. This episode was just absolutely ideal for something to have actually happened in regards to Haruka and Yuuto’s relationship yet so many times absolutely nothing did. Every single episode whenever they get close they get interrupted. I mean seriously, it’s getting ridiculous now. It’s at the point where whenever they are about to kiss I don’t wonder if they will I’m just trying to guess in what way they’ll be interrupted, not IF but HOW. While the episode wasn’t too bad, the fact that those interruptions effectively make this episode useless kind of discouraged me from liking the episode more.

I’m pretty sure I know now how the rest of the series will go. Obviously this whole idol thing is the main topic, as its how this episode ended and they made quite a big deal about it. I’m sure Haruka will go through the motions of becoming an idol or may even become one however I’m sure her popularity will get her so well known people will start to say stuff like Yuuto doesn’t belong with her, or how she’s too good for someone like him, he’ll get all mopey about how it’s better for Haruka if he wasn’t there but there will be a big revelation where Haruka says something like how she needs him and screw you production people, Yuuto is my friend and so on like that. I’m not sure what’s going to happen as far as Haruka being in trouble though. Mika seemed to think it was some horrible thing, so perhaps Haruka’s family wouldn’t allow something like that. In that case, the situation may be slightly different, as it may be about her family stopping her from doing something bigger, or they could manage to fit both in. However from the rate things are going relationship wise, I’m sure nothing big will happen at all in that manner, as this would have been the perfect episode for something to happen and nothing did

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