Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 08

Mika shows off Yuuto at her all-girls school.


I’ve always really liked Mika so I thought this episode was really a lot of fun. Not even mentioning Mika for a bit the episode I thought was hilarious when Yuuto had to go to this all girls’ school and was stared at the way he was. That lone I thought was a lot of fun to see. The way Mika’s classmates treated him like he was some rare and foreign object was great. Mika herself has always been a good character. She’s fun and cheerful, kind of giving the show a bit more life as opposed to some of the other characters who seem more reserved. Although it’s obvious that nothing serious would ever happen in regards to feelings she would have for Yuuto, it was still nice that they focused on her a bit and didn’t just leave her character by the side of the road like many other shows do to some side characters.

I’m still kind of surprised that there have basically been two episodes in a row that don’t’ feature Haruka at all really. However although she isn’t getting screen time, it’s still actually quite a good thing for her character to have these episodes not featuring her, which is kind of a weird thing to say. However the fact that she has been left out of the recent episodes really seems to point to all the future episodes focusing on her. The series has to deal with these side characters somehow, and if they threw them in during an episode that was also trying to focus on Haruka it would not only cheapen that side character’s story but Haruka’s as well. I really like them splitting them up like this as it will hopefully just mean they do a better job when they do deal with Haruka, which I’m pretty sure is really soon.

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