Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 36

Olivier deals with Raven while Kimblee brings a frightening surprise to Ed and Al.


I think the end of this one has a reaction that says it all. Holy crap, stay away from Winry you bombing psychopath!! But really I think Ed’s reaction said it all. The last person he wanted in that area was Winry. It’s not safe simply because Briggs is the next target for a bloody episode. Besides she is near the guy who blows people up. Obviously they needed her to help upgrade Ed’s automail, but that doesn’t mean it’s good to have her in that dangerous place. At best this is simply the government reminding them that they have the brothers under their thumb and can get rid of Winry whenever they want. Can just invite her or say they need her help with Ed and she’ll walk right into a trap. You’d think she would know them well enough to read Ed’s expression of terror. Though he did call her an idiot a few moments later so can’t blame her for going into angry mode.

Anyways as predicted things are getting all the more interesting. Another key piece shows up in Winry and Scar has also arrived in the North. Plus there was that small thing about Olivier slaughtering Raven! To be honest I’m not that surprised she was angry enough to go and kill the guy. Still when you saw her holding back and thinking she wanted to cut him up, I didn’t really expect her to go and actually do it. But I guess fooling around with her subordinates body parts was pushing the line. Guess asking her to trick them and get into the inner circle was just too much. Still they got rid of one enemy which is a good thing. Of course that had the very negative effect of letting Kimblee loose from the leash. Let’s face it that guy is as dangerous as they come since he could just kill people at the drop of a hat.

That tunnel is a pretty serious concern as well. Those guys just got completely slaughtered. Though it was a confined space and was a pretty fast and devastating attack. I can’t really blame them for getting killed there. Suppose it has to be another homunculus (maybe Pride) since tunnels don’t generally do that. I’m no tunnel expert, so that’s just my minor speculation there. Either way going back in there is extremely risky and shouldn’t be done unless they are fully prepared for a major fight.

There was also an interesting bit at the end there. Mustang seems to be working pretty hard to get information. Obviously he has help with the Eastern Army and now he’s got a message from Olivier who has control of the North. He probably expected as much when directing Ed and Al to her. Roy probably realizes that the only way they are getting this country away from the homunculi is if they fight for it. It means possibly giving those guys what they want in terms of bloodbaths, but it can’t really be helped.

Definitely a nice flashback at the start as well. Almost forget about Hohenheim although he is such a major figure in the series. It’s confirmed here that he has an immortal body like the ‘Father’, though it makes sense since he couldn’t be related to the guy otherwise. Still seems like he has had a major shift since getting a family and his priorities have shifted. It’s just too bad that Ed doesn’t understand his feelings. I’m sure he was extremely hurt by his wife’s death and I’m not sure why he stayed away other than he was making his preparations. Seems he figured out what was being done and abandoned the idea of just staying at home. Yet it doesn’t seem like he’s done much other than walking around and being silent.

A pretty big episode and I expect the next one to be great as well.

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  1. The even scarier part was Kimblee and Winry were dressed to match!

    Winry had to show up one way or another to give Ed some northern automail, and since Edward didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t call her up to the north, it only makes sense for Wrath to summon her. The bad guys still have plans for the Elrics…

    I wonder what Hohenheim has been doing for all these years. There’s no evidence to indicate that he has been actively trying to stop Father even though that seems to be his reasons for leaving his family.

  2. @TJ
    You have a point. The whole matching clothes thing is more horrifying than the fact Winry was up there.

    Yeah, we all knew Winry had to show up for the automail issue. Let’s face it anyone else touching Ed’s automail would mean a death sentence for him anyways so she had to show up. I’ll lean towards wouldn’t since they would obviously want her as far away from everything that is going on as possible. With Winry nearby along with Kimblee they will be even more cautious in how they act.

    Maybe originally there wasn’t a deep plan for Hohenheim and he was just needed out of the way for plot reasons. Definitely makes you wonder what the heck he’s been doing. I know having an immortal body might mess around with his sensing the passage of time, but it doesn’t seem like he’s done anything. Father from what we saw hasn’t seem him lately. They definitely just decided to throw a Hohenheim flashback in randomly, but wish they would go further into what he’s been up to. Hopefully near the end it will show he was doing more than just walking in circles.

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