Inuyasha – Final Act – 09

Sesshomaru journeys to improve the capabilities of his Tenseiga.


I quite liked this episode. Although in general it seems like Sesshomaru never really does anything other than walk and have an occasional random encounter that doesn’t lead to anything, this episode focused on him really was quite good. I really liked the fact that they actually started exploring what this whole relationship thing he has with Rin is. Really thinking about it, and thinking about his stance on hating humans, it’s quite odd he would e so attached to her, even given who they met which was simply him saving her. This really showed that he cared about her far more then tolerating her following him; he actually really seemed to love her. It seemed like he was about ready to give up Tenseiga altogether because of what it meant for Rin, which shows some deep feelings there.

One thing they still have yet to deal with is the fact that Tessaiga still has a power-up left. It’s possible that due to the fact that they had a big fight recently, that Inuyasha could get this final power-up for his sword. They wouldn’t have just given it to him without him needing it, but perhaps due to his loss of Kikyou the fight will be enough to drive him to realize or think he needs this power-up, and go get it. I’m not quite sure what they would do to it though, because honestly the whole dragon thing they did to it before seemed to do nothing to it except allow it to almost kill Inuyasha and cause him to spend an episode fixing this problem. The sword never did too much other then be a sword that shot stuff out, unlike Sesshomaru’s which had these weird little quirks to it. It may be something as simple though as giving it a slightly different color and saying it’s more powerful, as that’s all the show would really need to use up that hint they dropped about another stages, but I’m hoping there is a bit more to it than that. How he will discover it is unknown, but it will obviously need to happen before the end of the series, and right now all they have left to do is rendezvous with Kohaku and have a big fight with Naraku.

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  1. I agree that Sesshomaru seems to wander into these random situations. I think they just happen to help remind everyone that he is around and show a little bit of development along the way. This episode was definitely a key one for Sesshomaru. It was just important to show his development through the series and where he currently stands. If you compare him now to how he was back then it’s a pretty big difference. The big part of that has to be the influence of Rin being around. No way before would he give up a chance to get more power simply because the cost would be the life of a human. You really can tell how important Rin is to him and what he will do for her sake.

    So anyways the travels of the group continues. Find it interesting that everyone Sesshomaru picks up are pretty short. Rin, Kohaku, and Jaken are hardly giants.

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