Inuyasha – Final Act – 08

When Naraku kidnaps Kikyou the others all face off against him to try and defeat him once and for all.


Holy shit. That’s all I can say almost, this episode was huge. Not only was there a rather large fight scene that could have just as easily wound up being the final fight the way they tide kept turning back and forth, there was the HUGE moment of Kikyou’s death. The fight itself was amazing. I was almost thinking at times that it could actually be the final fight. Of course there are too many episodes left and they wouldn’t keep a shard in Kohaku as a back up and not actually need to use it in a show like this, but still a part of me thought it could end just because of how fierce the battle was. It seemed to go back and forth between who was winning, Naraku would do something big, then the good guys would figure something out and do something, and so on back and forth for a long time. That kind of thing, where the tides kept changing and anyone seemed like they could have won is what made it seem like it was on par with a final fight, as final fights are never one sided in terms of either side, especially not in favor of the good guys.

As far as the Kikyou moment goes, I thought it was wonderfully done. I mean, I haven’t seen the original series/season of this for a LONG time and even then didn’t care too much about it, but this made me tear up. I’m not quite sure why, it’s not like Kikyou was always prominently featured or anything like that, but there was just something about this moment that was really quite sad. I thought it was a beautiful moment when Inuyasha and Kikyou were sitting together as she died. Which is odd to say for a series that has been so action focused and until this new season so filled with fillers it lost a lot of its credibility. Still, it was an amazing moment as she died and truly very sad. I am very interested in what this means for Kagome and Inuyasha. It really seemed like Inuyasha loved her at the end there, giving her that kiss and everything. Sure, now that she’s gone that just leaves Kagome but unless they make an effort, it will feel like he just ends up with her because there’s no one else left. I really hope they expand on this before the end.

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  1. i agreed that the fight is well done, the changing of tide was handle well, which is a bit dragging in the manga. and kikyo last moment was truly beautiful, the graphic, the music, the voice, make the scene so touching. this is what make kikyou the best character in inuyasha-universe

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