Inuyasha – Final Act – 07

Kagome makes a trip up a sacred mountain in order to save Kikyou’s life.


For the most part this episode didn’t have a lot of stuff going on as far as plot dealing with defeating Naraku. However, I still really enjoyed it. While it didn’t’ really focus on the plan to destroy Naraku, it had something else. It really seemed as if this episode took a step back and just deal with the whole dynamic between Kikyou and Inuyasha and what Kagome means in this love triangle thing. The big revelation at the end that Kagome kind of yelled at herself I think was very important as far as her character goes. Realizing how she isn’t just trying to play catch up with Kikyou, how she has her own advantages and rights to be with Inuyasha as much as Kikyou was pretty important. Now, since this series is still mostly action it probably won’t actually mean much until the end when there is the big romantic conclusion, but I’m really glad for moments like this because it makes it feel like less of an afterthought to through the characters together.

I don’t quite understand what the whole thing was at the beginning about Naraku reclaiming his human heart. They seem to have some weird rules going on about how the shard is tainted and what that means. I’m not quite following that part, but apparently him reclaiming his heart will help to stop the grand plan they’ve been planning since the start of this new season. Which seems a little odd that in order to stop this one and only physically possible way of defeating Naraku is stopped by him simply picking up something he dropped a couple years back. They still have the whole vortex thing I guess in how to stop him, as Miroku did absorb the jewel that was creating that super barrier, so there may be other ways now; it just seemed an odd thing for them to throw in there, about the heart. Presumably though this would give him some new weaknesses as well. He obviously wouldn’t have thrown it away if it weren’t a hindrance in some way to start with, so perhaps those same problems can be sued in defeating him as well.

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