To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 11

Mikoto faces off against Kiyama and discovers her motivations for taking such actions.


Well Mikoto got a solid fight and we got more answers as to what was going on. It was pretty interesting to get Mikoto into a situation where she had to deal with numerous abilities at the same time. It’s like getting attacked by a pretty strong mob of espers. Plus not knowing what ability she would use really made it tricky. It really took some nice reflexes and ability to react to the situation by Mikoto. A loss for Kiyama because she underestimated what Mikoto could do and paid for it with a direct attack. Guess fighting Touma has given Mikoto enough good experiences in order to come up with some nice attack plans. Of course if she grabbed Touma around the waist and attacked before he could grab her then it actually would work.

Also got the background on Kiyama and what her goals are. She at least came up with a way to get the people out of the comas. Though that hardly makes what she has done ok in any respect. After all, that will only help the people who fell into comas and were found. Anyone living by themselves (considering the amount of dorms that’s possible) might not be discovered for some time. There are simply too many risks to feel that it’s alright since there won’t be side effects. Besides if you look at the injuries/casualties from that bomber guy those people certainly won’t be alright. Kiyama is just trying to satisfy herself in thinking she isn’t as bad as the people who put those kids through that experiment. But they are pretty similar since they knew what the result would be and yet used their lives anyways.

Certainly those kids were tragic victims. They were taken in by the city after being abandoned and then used for that experiment. Especially sad is that one girl who just wanted to be of use to the city. No shock that they turned Kiyama down regarding using the tree diagram. They don’t even want to admit that experiment happened much less run simulations.

Though really after knowing what happened with Accelerator this kind of thing is hardly a shock. Some of those scientists can hardly be called good people. That doesn’t change that Kiyama also did something dangerous clearing the data left behind and leaving only one way to help the people in the comas.

A sad day for antiskill. They finally get to the scene first only to get owned. They really don’t get well represented by the series….

Anyways next one looks good for another Mikoto fight. That is definitely one of the weirdest enemies I’ve seen in a while. This goes to show messing around with brains like that can lead to very weird and bizarre results. I’m looking forward to seeing that fight animated though the preview seems to hint we’ll get some tentacle issues as well.

4 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 11”

  1. It was impressive how Mikoto managed to dodge most of Kiyama’s attacks and avoid injury just by being quick (but not superhuman quick). I guess Mikoto must pay attention in PE class.

    The Anti-Skills have no skills… at least when it comes to dealing with espers or magicians lol.

  2. @TJ
    Well I’m sure AntiSkill can handle things like level 1s or level 2s….Sadly with this series the fights are involving high level guys and they just can’t matchup against that.

    Well it’s always good to pay attention to PE class. Plus she gets plenty of exercise chasing Touma around all the time.

  3. What exactly is the extent of the capabilities of anti-skill? I haven’t read the light novels. They’ve only ever gotten their butts kicked, but it seems like you just said FlareKnight, they’re limited to sub-Level 3 containment. I find it odd that they rely on equipment and not something related to something.. well, anti-esper. Almost like Academy City doesn’t even want to restrain these guys.

  4. @Maserbeam
    It’s a pretty good question. I think their capabilities are limited by the technology they have available. I’m sure they are packing pretty good weapons though possibly non-lethal since the population is mostly students. Pretty much a SWAT team with robots. I mean if they had to deal with something like that pyrokinesist from the first episode it’d probably be fairly easy. Block with riot shields and take him down. But Multi-Skill or Level 4+ depending on the ability is probably out of their league. Somewhat makes sense since if Espers weren’t all that they probably wouldn’t go through the lengths they do to develop them.

    Think it’s a situation where the technology to develop Esper abilities has surpassed the technology to suppress Espers. Thus you need groups like Judgment and help from high level Espers to deal with the more powerful ones.

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