Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 35

Olivier is brought up to speed and a terrible secret about Amestris is uncovered.


Damn you can’t beat the revelations in this one. I knew the homunculus were bad and had been messing around with the country for all that time, but this is beyond belief. To think they actually created the country for the express purpose of creating that transmutation circle. They actually spent hundreds of years of effort, time, and resources all for this. The amount of lives lost just to set things up is hard to believe. No surprise Ed was shocked at the Lior information as it’s another tragedy he gets hit with out of the blue. Wrath was created near the end once most of the set-up had been completed in order to guide things to the finish line. They really are up against a monster here, trying to stop a force that has been manipulating so many lives from the very beginning.

At least it’s clear why Hughes was killed so quickly. He had the point of view and intelligence that allowed him to tell how dangerous things were. Plus since he wasn’t a sacrifice he didn’t matter. He’s another tragedy in this entire series.

Anyways if those tunnels are connected to the alchemy of the country things might continue making more sense. They did all of this to create people like Mustang, Ed, Al, and Marcoh for the very end of the plan. If the Father is connected to the countries alchemy it makes sense that he could shut it down when he wanted to. The amount of manipulation going on here is pretty tough to believe. The country, the alchemists, the wars, all of it for one moment without any regard for the lives about to be consumed.

This episode was just huge for information. We even got to understand Eastern Alchemy a little. Since it’s fundamentally different it makes sense that Father couldn’t shut it down. A river of power running through the earth. Makes sense why they could do long distance alchemy and healing to the human body.

Things are just getting more interesting as they go along. They have a big plan being run with Olivier taking the point on it. The last place of destruction would be Briggs and that means the Elric Brothers are at the right place. The homunculi have done a good job getting Olivier angry and she will do whatever it takes for that country. It should be interesting with her and Mustang apparently rivals going for the top of the country. Though like she seems to have issues with Mustang like she has with Alex. It couldn’t possibly be due to Roy’s personality, haha. But yeah things are moving towards a conflict for the sake of the country.

They did a nice job of stopping Sloth. Goes to show there really is more than one way to deal with a homunculus. Just have to use your head and figure out the best form of attack. Or you can do it Mustang’s way and just burn them to death until they don’t get up again.

But damn things are dangerous with Kimblee healed up and in the base. After that encounter with Miles just about anything could go down. Considering Briggs is the next target for a major battle it’s not a good combination.

This was one of the best episodes in a while for information and clearing some things up. Though there are still mysteries about how the sacrifices will play into it and what Father and the homunculi are really after. It can’t be anything small after manipulating a nation for centuries.

But perhaps the greatest mystery of all has been solved. We now know how Ed and Al’s master survived her time in Briggs….

3 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 35”

  1. Wait for it, the next two episodes will have even bigger revelations. The series is now going to start building up enormously – and i daresay, that this buildup will continue for atleast 7-8 episodes after episode 37.

  2. Yeah, things are going to keep on building up until the story moves away from the north.

    Alex has a friendly relationship with Mustang; he might not agree with all that Mustang does, but he and Mustang are buds. On the other hand, Olivier’s attitude towards the flame colonel is probably closer to borderline hostility lol. Then again, Olivier appears hostile at first to almost anyone unless she’s acting.

  3. @egress63
    Definitely looking forward to the next few episodes. Curious to see just what is thrown at us.

    Well actually I was going more with the fact she seems to have issues with both Mustang and Alex. I know that Alex is close to Roy is about one of the few allies he still has access to. May have a point that Olivier seems to have borderline hostility to most. Probably her greatest issue is that Mustang is going for the leadership of the nation. Not sure if her issues with Alex is due to him being friends with Mustang or his….unique personality.

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