To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 10

Saten discovers her ability through Level Upper while Judgment discovers the person responsible.


Poor Saten. I know some might not share sympathies for her, but ending up in that state is a tragic thing. Really Kiyama took advantage of those who wanted more power or simply wanted to touch their dreams for her own goals. Saten was just another who had the possibility of achieving her dream right in front of her. Besides if she knew it knocked people into comas obviously she wouldn’t have used it. Even though she ended up in that state I can’t think it was wrong when seeing the pure joy in her face after seeing her power manifest. Looked like some kind of wind based ability which is pretty nice. It was sad though to see her so broken down. Knowing she was going to fall into a coma and knowing that sharing it with her friends had put them into comas. The chance to accomplish what they had tried for years to accomplish was too much to resist. Good job by Uiharu for saying what she did while there was still time. Sadly no one takes Uiharu seriously especially Kuroko and Mikoto.

Anyways whatever Kiyama is up to it’s clearly not going to be something cheerful. She used all these people and it doesn’t even seem like that’s her main goal. Hard to say what it is exactly, but she’s been willing to go to this extreme in order to get it. Not sure what she plans on doing with Uiharu, but is probably just a hostage. Of course it would make sense she was responsible for being pretty weird and being the one person who is an expert and thus could have made it work. No way would someone of her knowledge have overlooked something like synesthesia. She’s not an idiot after all.

Definitely a rough moment for Mikoto in realizing that her situation and other’s are different. She had the talent and ability that put her potential above others. Certainly she worked hard to reach level 5 and had to overcome many obstacles along the way. Still extreme determination won’t work for everyone. If it was everyone with the dream of being a pro athlete would make it or everyone would ace exams even at the University level. There are limits and differences between us. She didn’t realize how important the dream of being an esper was to Saten and that hard work alone wasn’t going to achieve that for her. Mikoto definitely will grow from this and make Kiyama pay for messing with people.

Anyways we’re racing towards the climax of this arc and it should be a good one. Our level 5 is going to cut loose. Plus since she isn’t up against Touma she will have a good chance to win.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to Mikoto going up against Kiyama. If the manga was any indication then the fight should be pretty good.

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