Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 34

Sloth barges into Briggs and creates a great deal of chaos in his wake.


Wow Sloth just decided to show up and create a very dangerous situation. I swear it didn’t seem possible there was a Homunculus dumber than Gluttony, but apparently we just found him. My only question is what the heck is Sloth doing just wandering around and digging? Was their Father just trying to keep him out of the way because he is hard to control?

Either way that guy showing up has been Ed and Al into a very difficult position. It’s tough to talk about the truth when it has such massive ramifications. I mean the homunculi are running the show from the shadows and the leader of the nation that Olivier serves. Besides Winry is being used as a hostage and if Ed causes trouble it could be incredibly dangerous. He’s got a lot on the line and it’s impressive he was willing to talk about as much as he did. Still I’m sure Olivier will get the information and then will have to decide what the heck she is going to do with it. Still she has an interesting way of doing things using someone with Mile’s heritage because he brings multiple viewpoints. She is definitely a good leader in a conflict.

It was also good to see Falman again. Reminds you that Mustang really took a hit when losing his loyal subordinates. Feel for Falman getting shipped all the way to the North like that.

It’s kind of interesting how things are progressing Mustang is connected to the Eastern Army and Ed right now is building ties with the Northern Army. Though Mustang is doing it intentionally this could be leading to a very large and dangerous civil war to forcibly remove Wrath from the top of the nation and go after the homunculi.

Anyways should be good to see how Sloth is dealt with. It’s a good thing he is sloth and thus isn’t coming at them like the Hulk. But even a slow wave of annihilation will eventually hit you if you stand still.

Guess Winry will get back into this sooner than I thought. If Ed is going to stay in the North he will need to have his automail worked on or else he won’t be able to function well. Al’s fine since he is just a suit of armour, but Ed had to take some actions or else he will be stuck in that base for a while.

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  1. It’s quite coincidental that Sloth showed up just as the Elrics were visiting lol. I liked how Ed was unable to tell the truth to Olivier given his situation.

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