Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 33

The Elric Brothers arrive in the North and Scar faces off against Kimblee.


Things are definitely going nicely now. The brothers have made it to Briggs and met one rough Armstrong. Kind of feel bad for the Major that his letter wasn’t even written. Of course he probably expected it to be pointless, but in the off chance it wasn’t a bad call to at least write one. Olivier even managed to do something I’m impressed the brothers had avoided for years, which was a body search. Sadly it is hard to hide Al’s condition in that case.

Suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised that Marcoh was travelling with May. After all there is no point in splitting up the groups otherwise. Use Scar to draw attention while he heads north and it makes it easier for May and Marcoh to move. Still it doesn’t mean it’s easy for him to move around with Kimblee being pretty good at predicting his movements. It was a pretty good fight though didn’t last for too long. Guess Kimblee should have gotten into the feel of a fight before fighting someone like Scar who has been doing it constantly. Lucky that Scar was trying to be cruel and torture him with that throw instead of it being a kill shot. He’ll heal up and go in for the next round.

Feel a bit sorry for Winry who is in danger and doesn’t even have a clue about it. Sadly it’s too risky to tell her what’s going on and they can barely avoid sounding worried when talking to her. Sadly it seems she will be out of contact for a while, but not like she isn’t going to be a key character before the end. They should beat up that guy for calling Ed’s automail normal. No one puts down Winry’s craftsmanship and gets away with it.

So should be good with the preview looking like the action isn’t going to slow down. Definitely enjoying the series quite a bit.

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