Fairy Tail – Ultimate Team

This was a pretty good arc to introduce some of the key characters for Fairy Tail and especially this team that people fear (as they should) will destroy some cities along the way. I mean when you have Gray, Natsu, Erza, and Lucy together it can’t possibly end with anything other than a flashy battle.


One thing I’m impressed with is the fact that they are doing a bit better with the fights. Natsu still has way too many cut-scene attacks, but at least he is getting some that aren’t so overblown. Plus Gray is better in terms of not cutting away from the action for him to make his move. Sure Erza has her transformation, but some of them don’t require that big moment so hopefully that stays with her. I mean they can have some great fights in this series if they don’t fool around and just cut away from the battle. Killing the flow doesn’t help at all in terms of making an exciting series.

But they are doing a good job of showing the types of people we are dealing with and their antics. Erza is still a person who pushes herself way too hard, but will do whatever it takes for the right cause. Natsu can get out of control, but he is also pretty straight forward and truly cares about the people in the guild. Gray has his clothing malfunctions, but even still he can fight with the best of them. Lucy is fitting in although she isn’t the same power type as the rest.

It shows the kind of world they are living in. Guilds have a lot of power and if they didn’t have controls over them the armies would be in real trouble. I feel sorry for those soldiers since it’s hard to stand against guys who have as much power as a guild.

Anyways good start to the series and hope it just keeps getting better.

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