Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 32

Ed and Al meet Wrath’s son while Scar continues to make his way North.


I have to say Wrath really is such a terrifying character whenever we see him. Of any of the enemies out there he is definitely the one who invokes the most fear. It’s not just that he’s a monster in a fight which he is. But also he has such influence and power over others lives. It was hit home again that if they openly oppose Wrath those they care about will be in danger. They might have lost their mother, but it’d be foolish to think they had nothing precious that could still be taken away from them.

No surprise that Wrath isn’t good with women. For one as a human he was trained in such a mechanistic way he never had any thoughts about things like that. Plus he’s also a homunculus so again little insights into the female mind. Still I bet Ed and Al were terrified that she slapped someone that could dismember her at the drop of a hat.

Everything is heading North now. Scar’s group is moving there while May Chang is taking another route to split themselves up. Guess Scar isn’t as dumb as I thought. Though considering it’s a pretty good plan I wonder if he is the one who decided to hear North in that fashion.

Finally get to find out who that woman was. I thought at the start “wow it’s Hawkeye with a ridiculously fat lip.” Somehow makes sense she’s related to Armstrong. Though wonder how good a bond exists within that family? Still things are definitely moving forward and even Mustang is plotting. I guess if he can’t win by revealing who Wrath is he might as well push for a conflict and take the top by force.

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