To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09

Saten debates on using Level Upper while Kuroko deals with some dangerous thugs.


Okay first of all do these people hate Touma or something? Another episode where they cut him out. I suppose since there was ties to the last one there is some sense in it, but damn it they have to stop doing that. There was a great interaction in this one. They better find a way to slip it in. I mean what is wrong with just adding in some Touma moments which are pretty fun since Mikoto reacts in a great way to them.

At least it wasn’t a complete waste in cutting out the encounter. Saten did get some nice character development and has been one of the key characters in this entire arc. I mean she gives a very interesting perspective to this series. You have Mikoto and Kuroko who are powerhouses of this series. Even Uiharu is a bit separate from her being part of Judgment and even though she’s level one there is a difference in perspective from someone with power and someone without. I usually support the underdogs for some reason even though it’s easier to go with the greats. She came there with high expectations and even though it meant going against what her mother would have liked. Then she arrives and her hopes get shot down. After all this time she hasn’t awakened an ability and sees some of her friends do amazing things while all she can do is stand strong but need saving in the end. I don’t think Mikoto’s advice is really helpful since she at least went from level 1 to level 5 and not from level 0 to being stuck there.

A pretty nice fight though. I mean Kuroko’s ability needs certain elements in order to really make a nice fight. Someone who can fire nails into people and cut pillars with panes of glass can’t be fought in the normal method. It’s not a pure power ability like Mikoto’s either. I’ll say this for Kuroko though; she can really take a hit. Plus she used her head to read the guy’s ability and plan her strategy even though she was getting knocked around and was in danger there.

Guess we’ll see what Saten does here. Of course I’ve read the manga, but still they might do some interesting things with the anime.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09”

  1. Yeah, Kuroko is pretty tough a skinny little middle-school girl. Probably comes from all the combat training she had plus Mikoto beating her up for her indiscretions lol.

    Whatever happened to the fat guy Saten was trying so save? He just disappeared after Kuroko showed up…

  2. @TJ
    Yeah I guess Judgment is good for something at least in combat training. Manages to combine her teleporting and fighting knowledge pretty well.

    Yeah not sure about that guy. Considering he was trying to buy Level Upper maybe he thought it was best to run when Judgment arrived? Ungrateful jerk.

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