Inuyasha – Final Act – 06

Naraku fights against Moryomaru.


Wow, this episode was…HUGE. My god, I half expected the series to end with this episode because of the way things were building up. Albeit, the events that happened might have been a bit more surprising if the episode’s title didn’t give it away. That was one of the things that really surprised me. The fact the episode was called Moryomaru’s End kind of spoiled the fact that Moryomaru was defeated. Still, the episode was pretty damn big. I did find it funny that Kouga’s Gorashi pretty much sucks ass. I mean, it did hardly anything. Several times he tried to use it to stop an attack or to attack and it did nothing. What the hell was the point in getting it? Sure he used it to power up Inuyasha’s sword but Inuyasha still pretty much didn’t do much to him. The biggest part of the episode though, was as the title said, Moryo’s end. Naraku is now pretty much super f’ing powerful, even more then he was before. At least there is only one bad guy now.

I was quite impressed with Miroku stepping up the way he did. For the most part, lately, he has done hardly anything, which is kind of understandable. For the most part it would be kind of cheap if he used his Wind Tunnel on every giant demon and just sucked them up, effectively despite how powerful they are. It would kind of interrupt this cycle the show has, as many do, of powering up with new weapon or ability, then running into stronger enemy, and powering up again. Still, he stepped up. Although Naraku didn’t seem to think he did much, it seems that he pretty much made it so Naraku is undefeatable. He managed to suck up the jewel and it seemed like that was the one thing stopping Inuyasha from doing anything. Regardless of what he accomplished, he stepped up and was ready to die and it was pretty impressive.

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  1. It was good on Miroku to step up like that. The regular people are getting more and more sidelined as the series goes on. So figure he saw this as his big chance to do something and went for it. It was an important thing to do even if the cost was high. Now that Naraku’s youki isn’t hidden that new sword will actually be able to do something. Too bad I can’t see Sango getting any powerups so she will just have to be satisfied with the role of tragic older sister and Miroku’s love interest.

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