Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 06

Yuuto and Haruka go to a temple for New Year’s.


I really liked this episode, despite being very very frustrated at the end when nothing really happened. I was so anxious throughout the whole episode that they may kiss, considering what they talked about at the beginning of the episode. However I pretty much knew, even though I was anxious and hopeful, I knew nothing would happen. It’s just the way the show is. I love the show, but know that it will pretty much never happen. It did get pretty close in the shack, but then again there have been many near kisses throughout the series. Still, it was getting pretty hot. Now, I’m not too familiar with kimonos but I was under the assumption that you didn’t have to take the entire thing completely off just to adjust it a bit if it slipped or moved in one area, but that could have just been my error…They did technically kiss on the cheek at the end but still, my god, kiss of the damn lips. They were practically about to have sex in the damn shed the way things were going but then they only kiss on the cheek, GAH!

There were some smaller fun moments in the episode. I have to say that I really loved Nobunaga’s wish at the temple. Wishing to have sequels to anime, especially Index. I loved that, as I too wish for another Index season, but that’s another matter. It was also interesting to see the OP singer girl in this episode. I was wondering if she would appear as an actual character in the show or if she would just be in the OP. However now that she’s appeared in the show I’m guessing there will be an actual episode with her, which I’m looking forward to.

I did find it interesting that Shiina’s fortune mentioned how there will be a love opportunity next week. Considering that this is a series that airs an episode a week, the next episode will probably be about Shiina. I’m actually glad about this. While I whole heartedly support Yuuto and Haruka as a pair, in the past as is the same with other shows with similar set up, some real competition from the rival will cause the relationship between the main pair to kind of get jump started. In other words, Shiina getting close to Yuuto will further cause Haruka and Yuuto to get closer because it may cause one to realize something, feel jealous and then realize their feelings or just cause drama that is resolved with them being closer.

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