Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 05

Yuuto goes to a party for butlers and maids.


I was surprised with how much I liked this episode, especially considering Haruka wasn’t in it at all. I figured an episode that didn’t feature the main female would be useless, as it obviously wouldn’t develop any relationship between them, but I have to say I liked the episode. Alice is just beyond cute and again this show did what it does best which is having those blushing moments that kind of warm your heart. It was so sweet and fun to see Yuuto pick the frog as his prize and give it to Alice. Then, although not quite in the same vein, it showed a lot for Yuuto’s character that he would instantly humiliate himself to protect Alice.

I was really surprised when the jerk blonde guy showed up. I figured either we wouldn’t see him at all, or again he’d pop up in the last couple of episodes and try and be an obstacle. I actually figured more on the side of never showing up again, because I figured if he did show up, as I said, it would be to do the same thing he already did. Since they deal with that problem already, it would be far too redundant of the show to do it again even in a tweaked atmosphere. I still don’t like the character, but I thought his appearance in this episode was alright. I’m glad they rather quickly turned things into showing how much of an ass he is. I was actually slightly disappointed that Alice wasn’t the one who got to beat him up in the end, seeing as how she can go totally berserker on someone. Still, nice to see him get what he deserves.

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