To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 08

Mikoto and Kuroko investigate Level Upper while Saten nurses a sick Uiharu.


It’s too bad, but seems like JC really messed this one up. For some reason they decided to keep the blackout that ties this with the start of Index and yet decided to cut out the scene with Touma….Either they are trying to make Railgun and Index alternate universes or there was a major screwup. Instead they tossed in some original character probably so Mikoto could have a fight and not look overmatched like she does against Touma. Anyways that’s a major disappointment and potential screw-up. Maybe they will add another family restaurant scene later followed by a blackout, but that’d be weird.

I feel for Saten. She got so excited about going to Academy City and finding out what cool power she had. Instead she gets hit with not having one and has to live around people who seem special to her. She seems alright for now, but it has to be hard. Uiharu is only level 1 so it’s probably easier to get along with her. A rough part of life for those in the city that are level 0.

Things are getting interesting with Level Upper coming into play. Really that’s something that would appeal to just about anyone. Those who are level 0 would especially be appealed by the possibility of gaining a power for themselves. Of course the fact people who apparently have been using it are falling into comas is a major issue. People could be using that quite a bit and it’s a danger to them since none have woken up yet. Makes you all the more worried about Saten since she would seem the type to be drawn in if only to taste her dream. But this event does tie in everything we’ve seen so far. Should be interesting to see what happens next here.

Things are getting interesting now. The preview also hinted at some difficulties ahead.

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  1. This episode was decent.. except for the mess-up with the restaurant scene like you mentioned. I guess JC Staff isn’t too concerned about the tie-ins between the two series.

  2. I doubt alternate universe is the intention. Most likely, the story planner decided to categorize the two as different events, with the Touma scene happening later on in the timeline (and the viewer expected to connect the dots).

    On another note, it should be mentioned that this is a different writing team from Index, so any decisions are made independently. The same studio is animating Railgun, but they don’t supervise the scripts or directly plan the contents (Seishi Minakami’s job, along with Geneon’s project planners. As with any run-of-the-mill anime project, the studio was simply contracted to animate and package everything together, so there’s no editorial process from their side).

    Index = Masanao Akahoshi
    Railgun = Seishi Minakami

  3. I can understand the frustration of being level 0. The world isn’t fair and they may be forever level 0 no matter how hard they try.

  4. @Blacksun88
    A tough, but true statement. The sad fact is the world isn’t fair and you’ll have people that will remain level 0. It’s probably easier for those not living in Academy City since their level 0 status isn’t constantly thrown in their face, but it’s a constant and difficult reality for those who are there.

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