To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 07

A mad bomber continues to terrorize the city and Mikoto encounters a familiar person.


Well it goes to show that even people who appear to be victims can be worse than the ones who bullied them. It’s not like I can’t understand being angry about being picked on. But instead of getting help for venting toward those who hurt him he instead directed his wrath to members of Judgment. It’s like bombing the police because you got robbed. Obviously a group like Judgment is there to help people but they can’t be everywhere, not even Kuroko. There are 2.3 million people living in that city. Even if you think of there being at least 177 Judgment branches that’s not nearly enough people to cover everyone at every moment. Just stumbling onto a crime in progress isn’t exactly common. It’s as much up to the victims as anyone to report what happens and get help for themselves. Besides you can’t spare any sympathy for that guy. He was getting his kicks from hurting people and even put an explosive into the arms of a little girl. There wasn’t any fear of her saying anything since he expected her and Uiharu to die in the blast. Being victimized is bad but all he became was a pathetic killer.

Touma timed his reappearance into the series pretty well. Just have to love the timing of popping in behind Mikoto when she was seeing how she might look in those pajamas. Her tastes just are never appreciated by those around her. I thought having him guide the little girl there was a good enough way to get Touma around and tie the situation from last episode together. He did a good job jumping in when Mikoto fumbled the coin. I guess blasting the bomb was her only hope, since really her powers aren’t really good for pure defence. The one thing I don’t get is Touma hiding his role in it. Sure it’s fine that he’s not seeking glory but he could have just stood there in front of where the blast was and would have gotten some credit. After all it puts Mikoto in the tough position of being thanked by everyone for saving them when she didn’t really do anything.

We are getting the position of those without power here. Saten is feeling down because Uiharu and Kuroko are busy with Judgment work that involves having some power and Mikoto is the Railgun. Being a level 0 in a city like this has to be tough. It’s not like she has bad motives, she just doesn’t want to feel left out. Mikoto is someone that worked her way up so she shows there is hope even if you are a low level. Everyone just has to work with what they have and keep trying I suppose.

Anyways episode ended without any more people getting hurt. You can imagine there were some losses with all those bombs going off and targeting Judgment members. Having special abilities and living in an advanced city isn’t all positive. A good episode that didn’t have a ton of flashy action, but still had some dangerous situations in it.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 07”

  1. Touma stole the show since Mikoto was not up to the task. I’m disappointed in Mikoto: she choked just when things mattered.

  2. @TJ
    Well to be more exact she fumbled :). It was probably for the best since I really don’t think her ability is suited for dealing with something like that. But yeah Touma stole the show this time around. Though it’s tougher for Touma to fumble since he just has to hold out his hand.

    But I wouldn’t worry about Mikoto. She will get her chance to shine and show why she is the third strongest level 5.

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