Asura Cryin’ 2 – Pure Chaos

It is definitely hard to find the words here. Things ever since Kagakagari lost his burial doll and Christina have just continued to escalate. That continued with the recent events including the appearance of the Natsume Tomoharu from the first world. I’m really glad that I kept on following this series because it has proven to be a pretty amazing ride in the second season. I guess now that things have been set up they feel like giving the answers and just blowing us all away in the process.


I suppose a good place to start is with the Natsume from the first world. We already got a glimpse into what happened to him earlier in the series when Tomo had that flashback. Everything just went wrong with that experiment and sent his whole world toward annihilation. So he came back to accomplish his goal for the sake of Misao. Kanade even became his burial doll in order to make sure they succeeded. Yet absolutely nothing turned out the way it was planned. That plane crash completely threw everything off. Tomoharu from the Second World (Tomo2) died from the crash and Misao was badly hurt. So Misao was turned into a burial doll in order to save Tomo2’s life. I can only wonder how Tomo1 felt to have Misao thinking he was a demon and begging him to save Tomo2’s life. Everything was thrown off by Tooru. Yeah I was completely blindsided about her role in all of this. I can’t believe all this was done to go back to a third world and live happily with Tooru’s sister. I think Tomo1 was just too confident. He did have Hagane which was the best Asura Machina one could have but he should have been more careful. He stayed hidden for so long that he was careless and he and Kanade are gone. I really felt bad for the both of them and the other Misao. They lost so much and tried so hard only to fall before the very end of it. It’s just sad and definitely will make this one series I won’t forget.

But it wasn’t only Tomo1 who fell here. Shuri was also brutally stabbed by Tooru and then crushed by the Ice Phoenix. She fought with all she could for those she cared about and had to watch her sister who had become a burial doll be destroyed. Really I never would have expected a character like her to actually get killed. Shuri just seemed like the type that would find a way to keep going and then crush you with an explosive when you thought she was done for.

It’s hard to believe characters who were proven to be such powerhouses have just dropped easily. You was actually doing quite well until it was revealed the enemy was Tooru. That was just enough of a distraction to throw her off and it lead to her loss. Everyone who went down was just caught unaware or was just careless. In the end I suppose that’s good enough to win sometimes.

Sooner or later you expect Tomoharu will make a contract with Kanade and become an Asura Cryin. Really it’d be impressive if the main character managed avoiding the series name forever. Besides she really has pushed herself to the limit. If Tomoharu doesn’t make that contract then Kanade will die. Of course we know that power is not without consequences. Any feelings that Tomo has for Kanade will be lost over time as she uses her powers.

Anyways this situation has really gotten messy. Tomoharu has had to stand and watch people he cares about be lost. Not to mention as Tomo1 predicted he failed and now it’s up to his spare. Will just have to see the consequences of Hagane’s power going out of control. It seems they ended up in the Third World, but will have to wait and see. I’m not sure how everything is going to be resolved at this point.

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