Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 31

Mustang visits Madam Christmas while Ed and Al resolve to recover their bodies.


Anyways was Scar really expecting anyone to buy the whole “disfigure to disguise” thing? I mean he’s a wanted man with a giant X on his forehead. Stealth is not exactly going to be their friend here. Not to mention they have a little girl with an even smaller panda. Would Marcoh seriously be expected to threaten their secrecy? Scar just did it because he was pissed off. Seems like the hell that is Marcoh’s life will continue on.

Well it seems Mustang is starting to get his second wind. He really took a heavy hit with losing so many of his subordinates in the latest string of events. Just about lost everything but the queen in that last round. But it appears he still has some moves to make although he has to be much more obscure or risk the safety of Riza. But appears Roy has many places he can turn to when in a pinch.

It was also a nice talk with Ed and Mustang. Ed certainly doesn’t want him or Riza to get killed. Though not sure how well the continuing to owe Mustang something will work out in the end. At least it sent the message about his feelings. They have certainly butted heads at times but that doesn’t mean they want each other to fall off a cliff. Hopefully they both get what they are after and survive this.

Definitely bad news for everyone that Kimbley is out there. That guy is completely out of his mind and not someone you want wandering the streets like that. He really would go and annihilate a town if he got the chance to. For now his target is Scar which conveniently allows for a showdown regarding the past.

We’re continuing to move along so the next episode should be pretty good.

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  1. Great thorough post. Loving the screenshots. Yeah, I think brotherhood is SOOOO much better than the original (in hindsight of course). It just gets straight to the chase. Maybe that’s why dragonball kai is doing fairly well too. Anyways, great blog!

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