To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 06

Mikoto spends the day as a Judgment recruit and a dangerous esper is plotting behind the scenes.


While this as a pretty light hearted episode I still enjoyed watching it. Probably since it was almost entirely focused on Mikoto and showing why she is better suited to doing things on her own instead of joining Judgment. The rules and proper code of conduct just isn’t the kind of thing she is good with. If someone upsets her it’s a whole lot easier to just shock them. Since she isn’t part of the organization they don’t get a bad reputation of excessive force.

The bug thing was pretty hilarious even if they used it three separate times. The great biribiri was completely terrified by the bugs. Not that I can really blame her since especially finding one in that confined space would scare most people. Although since she can shock just about anything into oblivion there is less reason to be worried. Still knowing you can handle something and being able to shelve that natural fear are two different things. Safe to say Mikoto isn’t really suited for average work like giving directions. Again she has my sympathies since I have a terrible sense of direction. Those kindergarten kids are just evil. They know that you can’t do anything to them without looking like the bad guy so they can pull stupid stunts like that.

Anyways the episode got really good after the ED with that situation in the store. That poor guy did a good thing by defending the civilian even at the cost of his own safety. Guess when you join a group like Judgment it means you are accepting the risks that come with it. No clue what kind of ability he had, but in the end it’s tough to deal with a massive explosion at close range. Not sure if he’s dead or just severely injured, but this is definitely the first time the series has gotten this serious. You can bet the hunt will be on for that guy who did this. It went from small pranks to injuring or killing people. The line has been crossed here.

Anyways glad the series is starting to pick up. I think they have done a good job setting up the universe and the characters. Now it seems they are truly getting into the major story arc and that’s a really good thing.

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  1. Being a Judgment member sound like a pretty undesirable job: most of the work is dull and unrewarding and it probably doesn’t pay well (given it’s a bunch of high and middle school students running the show). Much more fun for Biri-biri to just go around beating random thugs.

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