Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 30

Marcoh and Riza discuss Ishbal and the tragic truth of the past is revealed.


Wow this episode was pretty amazing and really threw some heavy things out there. I hadn’t even considered this part of Mustang’s plan. True that just getting the seat of power won’t change everything. If he doesn’t get power out of the military’s hands then things will never really change. Yet doing so could very well lead to his execution. No one in their right mind would do this kind of thing since it would be suicide. Yet Mustang cares so much about the country and doing the right thing. I can’t believe the incredible determination he and Riza have. For the sake of doing what they believe is right they will walk that road for the sake of those alive and those who’s lives they have taken. I really hope they find another way since they are two great characters in this series.

The past between Riza and Roy really do go far back. I was blown away that he was her father’s pupil and eventually they both joined the military. What was even more surprising was having her father’s research on her back. Well I suppose that’s a fairly safe place and she would never lose it. No wonder those two care about each other so much. They really go far back and have lost a lot together.

It was also nice to see Hughes again. A sad fate that he had to die like that. He was a good man who wanted the same future Mustang did. They were all damaged by that Ishbal event. Though suppose it proves some things never change in terms of how he was gushing over Gracia.

I guess Marcoh finally got what he wanted. He wanted to be punished for his crimes and Scar did so. He would rather die than be used again to do something horrific. It’s sad that he had to die like that alone in that cell. At least he managed to pass on what he knew and what had been done. I hope Scar does go wild on the homunculi a little bit. At the same time I hope he doesn’t survive to the end of the series. He’s just a creature of vengeance who has committed his own terrible acts. Scar won’t stop until he dies which means someone will have to take him out. I don’t know if it will be a homunculus or if that role will fall to Ed who may have to cross that line.

On a bit more light-hearted note it was nice to pull the love card on Ed like that. Poor guy was completely blown away and embarrassed by that one. Sadly unlike Winry it will probably take that guy some time to admit to himself what he really feels. Besides while Al doesn’t have his body he probably wouldn’t even consider it since he’d probably feel it was unfair. Anyways it seems that Al is getting a fan. He was really bragging about himself to May Chang who has moved on, haha.

So now the question becomes what will everyone do? Ed and Al still have their bodies to deal with, although I keep thinking Ed will be stuck like that. The whole homunculi situation is just overwhelming and then you have the hostages. In the end they just have to move one step at a time. Their bodies need to be reclaimed but also they need to gain the ability to fight back. So that means eastern alchemy is the key for them to have any chance at all.

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