Shin Koihime + Musou – A Male Character and Story About Sisters

This season so far has a lot going for it. As far as the singing sisters’ story, I think it will be pretty interesting. Right now it seems to be the closest thing to a plot that this show has. That was one of the main things that bothered me about the first season. While it was still fun to watch and I liked the show, it seemed like it didn’t really go anywhere. It was just random traveling, randomly with different people, until they had a small skirmish at the end. However here, with this season, they seem to really have some things going. They have these three sisters who have the magic book which we learn is evil. So it seems like there is going to be a story about trying to stoop the book, along the way continually utilizing a new, male character, which is very rare in this EROGE adaption anime….Anyways, there is also the story about the sword. However that seems almost to be there just as an excuse to have Touka as a character and for everyone to have a reason for leaving the village in the first place. It doesn’t seem like something that will end up being that serious. It mainly is the book thing. I’m just curious about the guy mainly.

I do find it very interesting that they have introduced Kada. I always thought it was weird from the first season that this series is originally an ero game visual novel. I have the CGs for it and they would definitely tend to suggest the presence of a guy, which for the most part has been absent from the anime. Kada finally seems like a character that cold maybe fill that role, as he isn’t the evil scumbag guy the last season had for the final couple of episodes. Still, they have already actually parted ways, at least temporarily, so I’m not sure how much they will end up traveling and being together. I think his roe lint he series is definitely not over completely, but without him constantly being with the others I feel he won’t be that much of a character presence, which is too bad.

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