Sasameki Koto – Twice The Yuri Couple, Twice The Fun

I have to say that at the start of this show, I wasn’t too excited or thrilled. It seemed rather average. It wasn’t going to e a show I disliked, but not really one that had much going for it either. However with the introduction of Tomoe and Miyako things seem like they’ve really stepped up and things have not only simply gotten more interesting, but the show in general seems to be a bit better. Even disregarding having the show actually focus on something, taking seriously the relationships or anything, having more characters definitely livens things up. Previously, with only Kazama and Sumi, even with the other girl, it wasn’t very exciting. It was kind of boring, which was originally what put me off of liking the show more. But with their introductions, things are livelier, more interesting, and could actually lead to some better development, since they are the first and only people to know that Sumi likes girls, and Kazama in particular.

I am really curious as to what they are going to do with this whole Akemi thing as well. If they are going to continue on with this whole girl’s club thing, he/she will obviously have to be a bigger part of the show in general, as she’s their fifth member. Right now, the show seems to be doing pretty good without them actually having the club. But it is a topic they keep ringing up, so it seems like its important enough to the characters for them to at least bring up the issue. I really hope they do bring in Akemi to the story a bit more. The dynamic there is just so interesting. Kazama likes girls, likes a guy dressed up as a girl who likes Sumi, who likes Kazama. It’s a perfect love triangle and with yuri elements, it’s an actual triangle, with one person liking the next, not just two separate people liking one. That’s not a triangle damnit; it’s a straight line with three points. THIS is a triangle.

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  1. Tomoe and Miyako are awesome. I liked the series before they came in, although I can see how someone might get tired of it if it went on too long. Those two definitely spice things up, however. Too bad poor Akemiya can’t join in on the fun unless he’s cross-dressing, haha.

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