Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 04

Yuuto holds a Christmas party.



This episode was just filled with the blushingly sweet moments that I love about this series. The episode wasn’t full of a lot of absolutely hilarious moments or anything like that, and no real serious drama happened, but it was mainly just about the characters having fun, and then in the end Yuuto and Haruka spending a lot of time together. Although STILL nothing has really happened between the two of them. They haven’t kissed, neither one has said to the other or to themselves really that they actually like the other, when they were alone together it was just full of moments that were just sweet and cute and made you blush. It is just fun to watch.

On a somewhat related note I do wish they would hurry up and just kiss already damnit. At least do SOMETHING. Admit to yourself at least that you like the other person. After one whole season they are still practically nowhere in the relationship. Hell, even Shinna seems to almost have backed off, as she’s done very little these past couple of episodes, not even just to mope about not being with Yuuto. I really just want something more concrete to happen soon. Not that the show isn’t good now, it would just be so much better if their relationship were to develop further.

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