Inuyasha – Final Act – 04

Inuyasha goes to find the person who made the sword Daiki.


This episode, like all of them, had a LOT of content in it. As I thought they weren’t done with that whole Daiki sword thing, which was very interesting to see in this episode. Not only did they go and find the person who made this Daiki sword, he had another more powerful an complete one, Inuyasha then proceeded to fight some demon who wanted it, then fought the guy who had the sword. It wasn’t a normal simple fight either. Although it started very quick it seemed very intense. He was very close to losing Tessaiga altogether it seemed. Hell, at the end of the fight he won while using the sword in its skinny rusted form. So he then won it and then goes on to fight what seems to be the main bad guy right now, Moryomu-whatever. Things were just going really fast, it was almost hard to keep track.

I didn’t quite understand what was going on until Naraku was talking at the end, that Inuyahsa’s sword was hurting him with every attack. I thought it was just trying to absorb energy and there just happened to be too much to do it normally. However that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even Inuyahsa at the end was wondering what the hell was going on with his sword, which was exactly my question. They just kind of threw in this whole energy absorbing dragon scale thing really fast; I hope they elaborate on it a bit more. It’s almost as if this series is moving too fast, which is just sop weird to say for the series “Inuyahsa” considering the previous fillers.

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