Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 03

Yuuto gets a part time job so he can buy Haruka a present.



I thought this episode was pretty good. Although technically it followed a clichéd situation where the character works really hard at some part time job to get money for a present for some girl, it was still very unique. It wasn’t working some construction job the episode didn’t even focus on him being tired from that job and missing spending time with said girl, it took the situation but really did its own thing with it which was fun to see. Touka was a very fun character. Although, I didn’t see her in the OP at all, even as a small side character so I don’t think we will see her again, it was still a nice little distraction.

I did like the small amount of parody humor they had in this episode, though I figured they would have done a lot more. I’m not sure what their limitations on licensing is or anything but this would have been the perfect episode for a Hayate no Gotoku parody joke thrown in at least once. However the only joke they seemed to do was a Toradora one. Which, don’t get me wrong, was very funny. It obviously fit since it’s the same voice actress as Taiga and they have similar bodies. Though honestly, Touka here seemed nowhere near as underdeveloped as Taiga or even as she keep talking about herself in the episode.

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