Inuyasha – Final Act – 03

Shippo goes through a demon fox examination and Sesshomaru looks to get a new sword.


I’m still continually surprised and impressed with this series. They keep moving rather fast and I’m very glad for it. After 300 or so episodes it’s nice to see them not move at a snail’s pace. Even no after the first couple of introductory episodes they seem to be fitting a lot into one episode. Some humor story about Shippo and an exam, Inuyasha and some sword Daiki which he doesn’t seem to be done with yet, and then Sesshomaru all of a sudden getting a super kick ass sword which now seems to make him absolutely invincible. While the Shippo thing was mainly there for entertainment, it didn’t really seem to have much influence on plot, it was still funny to watch, and there were other parts of the episode that did progress things.

I am really am interested in where they are going to go with the whole Sesshomaru thing. Right now he really does seem to be the most powerful one. His previously healing sword now seems unstoppable. It’s the same as the wind tunnel almost. It seems like it doesn’t matter how strong the enemy is he can just slice them and send them to some other dimension or send half of them to another dimension, thus killing them. What’s interesting I found was that he seemed to really actually care about Kagura dying. He seems like he’s going to go for some revenge, using the new sword on the amalygam demon guy who is giant and just absorbing other people. I wish they would take this opportunity to actually develop the character a bit, as so far this seems like one of the best opportunities to do so.

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