Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 29

Wrath explains the hostage situation to the Elric brothers and Ran Fan gets an update about Ling.


This episode can easily be described as aftermath. I mean they pretty much just dealt with what happened after such a major incident. As expected the main characters are in hell right now since they can’t really make any big moves. The homunculi have managed to take numerous hostages on them so any rash actions will mean their immediate deaths. Ed can’t even resign since Winry would be killed as the consequence. Mustang has Riza to worry about not to mention the rest of his men who are being split apart. Havoc on the other hand can’t go anywhere due to his situation and Armstrong will still be around so he still has limited allies. The main problem is Riza being so close to Wrath that he has to be extremely careful about what he does.

I was surprised but impressed with Armstrong in this one. I hadn’t considered that he had such suffering haunting him although he was part of the Ishbal extermination. You can’t blame the guy for just stepping away from the whole situation. Really he couldn’t fight against it and it has to be better than staying and taking part in a slaughter you don’t believe in. Still can understand his feelings and desire to not back away this time. People he cares about along with the people are in danger and he can hardly run away and hope for the best. Besides Mustang and the others will need all the help they can get and that guy is definitely help. Nice of Armstrong to take over for Riza so she could go to the bathroom. He was in there for a really long time and can imagine her not moving an inch until he came back out again.

Damn Wrath nearly had another body on his kill list. He just makes it a habit of stabbing Al doesn’t he? Good thing May Chang is small or she would have been killed as well. What an insane guy doing such things. While you knew it was probable it was still confirmed that May Chang is also royalty in Xing. I can’t believe the stupidity of her and Ran Fan, choosing to fight when their bodies are in such rough shape. That doctor is one frightening person though.

Think that Al will send Ran Fan over to Winry if only so she will have a little bit of protection. It was nice of Ed to make that call. It must have been a nice surprise for Winry to actually have him contact her for something that wasn’t him being in trouble. Of course it was about her being in danger, but I’m sure she appreciated it. Considering she recently figured out her feelings it meant even more for her. I’m really worried with her out there by herself although not being in Central is the best for now.

Ling proves that he really is still in there. Writing the message to Ran Fan and even taking over for an instant to yell at Wrath. He is without a doubt one amazing person. The fact that Ling is actually biding his time and waiting to take over just blows me away. I think Greed is impressed as well and doesn’t mind since he likes greed and wanting to take over that kind of body for his ambitions is one greedy thing to do.

I can understand Marcoh wanting to be killed so he wouldn’t cause any more deaths. The man has been haunted ever since for what he did. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind dying for just those sins, but also if they want him to commit even greater sins then he would obviously want death. Of course Scar probably doesn’t mind long as he gets his information. These events just get more complicated for him since he would never have considered so much being behind this.

For now it seems Ed has a path to follow. There is a chance to recover Al’s body and hopefully May Chang can teach him about Eastern Alchemy so he can still fight against that ‘father’ and the homunculi no matter what happens. These events have been amazing and it’s almost sad to compare this to the original series.

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  1. Haha he might not look like it, but Alex Armstrong is a big softie. That’s mainly why Mustang now has a higher rank than he does.

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